How To Burn An Iso Image To A Usb Bootable In Windows, Linux Or Mac?

OS are based systems with that work our computers, these are the ones that make it possible to manage our computers through an easy and simple interface.

Among the most popular operating systems are, the Windows, Linux and Mac OS operating system. These are the systems they work with most computers currently have.

Each brings its own interface with a unique design and characteristics. They are characterized by being in constant development and innovation. Every now and offer us much better than previous versions.

It is possible that some of our computers have failed due to malicious programs that destroy or operating system was not updated. But we do not have to worry about, as there is a method you can use to rescue these computers.

How to burn an ISO image on a USB Bootable in Windows, Linux or Mac?

This method is to record an operating system on a storage unit, such as a USB memory. To make this process must download an ISO image and save it on the hard drive.

The ISO image is basically a exact copy of a complete operating system . These images can be downloaded from the official website of the operating systems. Either Windows, Linux or Mac.

To record the image on the USB, must download a program which is developed specifically for this work. Once saved on the USB drive that will become a unit Bootable .

Which can be inserted into any computer and make it work with the operating system that was previously recorded. It should be noted that this process is also possible to change the operating system of your computer.

This article will show you how to download an ISO image and then burn it onto a USB and so make it a bootable drive. Then each and every one of the steps to follow to do this. If the indication

Steps to download ISO Image Windows, Linux and Mac

Before converting USB Bootable we download the ISO image of the operating system in question. If you want to download the image of the Windows operating system first we must open our confidence browser.

Then we go to the Microsoft official website that will allow us to download the ISO image. To access it you can do it through this link . As the website will agree to configure the language and version that we want to download and click download. Automatically begin downloading.

If you want to download the ISO for Linux headed to the search bar at the top and look for the official website, which is in the link. Then select the version of Linux and downloaded.

For the image of the Mac OS do the same in the search bar we went to the official website of Apple that allows us this type of discharge. To access this page only you must press here. Select the version of the system you want to download and go.

Steps to burn an ISO image on a USB Bootable in Windows, Linux or Mac

The first thing to do to burn the ISO image on a USB is download the program that performs this action. For that we open our browser and headed to, there download the program by operating system installed us to go.

Now connect our USB drive to your computer , it is important to format the USB before to avoid future problems. Now we open the program you just downloaded, then upload hopefully we can see the interface of this great tool.

Within this program select the “disk image” then click on the option on the right and select ISO . Now mark the choice of three points and look for ISO image of the operating system that will be installed.

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Finally, select the USB drive in which the operating system is recorded and we accept. Automatically start the download process must be patient until the end.

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