How To Record My Computer Screen From The Browser Easily Scrnrcrd

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Currently, many people are videos to share on social networks . video tutorials type Sean, gameplay or other video screen or screen recordings captures play a crucial role in the content to make. Although there are several applications and methods to record your screen and your face at the same time . Here in this article you will discover how save your screen from your   PC     &NBSP Scrnrcrd easy . But to know how to save, first discuss this program and benefits.

What you are   Scrnrcrd


As we mentioned, for people who want to live broadcasts, video tutorials or simply record the sound and PC screen, this app is definitely the easiest option to do so. The Scrnrcrd is a web application allows you to make recordings of your screen without any problems or complications. It has a very intuitive interface that will help you discover and choose the tools and options.

 initial screen scnrcrd

With this app You can view or select the size of the socket registration , duration, and you the opportunity to choose when to pause during recording or stop.

Now, keep in mind that this offers many advantages for the application. The first is that you can control the recording screen your PC easily and without the need for additional programs .

Some computers have problems making screen recordings because of the performance or the same resources. Instead, this application called   Scrnrcrd, can be used without downloading, this translates into a best recording quality and reduce losses  . Fps

But maybe you’re wondering how can I use this application to make my screen records in the   &NBSP pc, my browser? Well you see easy and simple 3 steps to use this app and save the screen   .   PC from any browser without problems

Steps to record the screen of your PC with Scrnrcrd


Before explaining these steps, you have to remember something important. is a browser application You do not need to download it, make a payment for the use in or sign up with your email. Just go to the page and you can make your screen recording.

Once you enter the page using this program is quite simple. Only   should   do click the “Save” button and select the options that are automatically deployed. Among them if you want to record the full screen, a browser tab or an additional application.

After recording starts, you can make the video you want and choice of materials. When finished just click on the “Stop” button and recording automatically stops.


 application to register a close after recording just waiting for application to generate a video of recording made (this is done in a few seconds). . At the end of the video generation process, appear an option “download” (download), click here and start downloading the video format   WebM

Follow these 3 simple steps, you can make an infinite number of tutorial videos, online games or recording gameplay without affecting the performance of your computer.

program and audio quality 4k to videos of any kind, without spending a single penny without having to download applications or programs that consume a lot of resources of your PC. Remember to record the screen of your PC Scrnrcrd is the easiest and simplest and you can do it from your browser.

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