How To Recover The History Of Usb Devices Connected To My Pc

 recover USB devices connected to the history my pc

Having knowledge of a history of USB devices that were connected since the first time the computer was turned on is a very useful tool, and today I’ll explain Why.

In addition to the Internet, everything is done by connecting these ports (mainly flash drive), it tends to stay a certain risk. Because they are the habitat of the virus.

If the computer you are using a personal or public network, it is possible to be unable to control the amount of connected devices and this represents a gap against the protection barriers

If, unfortunately, have a degree of infection in the operating system (and want to know its origin) or just for a list to keep control. This story can be of great help to you .

Methods of obtaining USB device history

This procedure can be completed in the comfort of your computer , or using a third party program portability. using either recommended.

 historic USB devices

This is because the two are able to complete the task, though some provide more detailed information than the other. However, the usefulness of these documents is accessible to everyone, and today can learn to do.

the history of the control system

To access this section is fairly simple, but directly depends on the version of Windows that your computer runs . For example, for users who use earlier versions of Windows 10 need to enter the word ” cmd” in the search function or “Run” to open it.

On the other hand, those who use the new

not need operating system right click on the “Start Menu” for direct access.

Once the command window is open, you back to the root of the “C” unit, by typing ” cd” followed by the “Enter” key until you do.

The next step is to enter the command “ reg query HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\USBSTOR/s ” without quotes, then press again “Enter” key.

automatically in the window a list of all devices appear that were never connected to the computer, put together with identification.

Use USBDeview to acquire the story

If a USB device that provides historical symbol of the system not pleasant to the eye, there is always a third party program that can help.

Although the Internet is surrounded by many software programs that promise to achieve this. This is most recommended to have mobile features low weight and details in your report.

As for USBDeview, it can be acquired through direct download official website. In addition, it is compatible versions of Windows XP update.

 USBDeview acquire history

The ZIP compressed, you need to download will depend on the number of bits used to analyze their browser, and once completed should unpack and run it.

software automatically provide report with the full list of devices were Connected computer. Accompanied by information such as the name of the same, the description, the driver uses, its serial number, among others.

How is it possible to get a history of USB devices?

It is due to the ability of the computer store required data on the connected devices. The main function of this ability is that every time the user of the administrator or someone else connect a device. This still remembered in the computer.

In this way, it is also expected that there is no need to reinstall the drivers use . Therefore this story include in its list of computers that are not currently connected to the computer.

So with these simple methods can Acquire control each of the devices that have never entered your computer.

The device history USB will be a tool to find sources of possible contamination and invasion of privacy. To avoid the next time the connection is established.

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