How To Fix The Charging Error Not The Operating System Is

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When we have an electronic device, are not immune from mistakes that can happen to use because along the Time sufrita setbacks, repaired most of the time.

One of the most representative and visible errors that can be found in some computers is the “Failed to load operating system your PC ” which usually appear once you have installed a new Windows XP system and starts per share reincido in our system

The common thing is that while the machine begins its startup process, BIOS < strong> CMOS of the computer, start checking the system hardware and also the operating system.

The usual practice is that once something starts to go wrong, BIOS and CMOS do not perform the normal startup process for your operating system and for this reason, it is impossible that access the Windows desktop.

However, other versions of Windows, such as Windows Vista or even Windows 7 will not be the same warning system and therefore you can not view the message.

If the question you have your PC is the inability to load the Windows Vista or Windows 7 without displaying this message, simply should subtract start trying with the ” Home repair “which is performed with the disc Install Windows .

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What is the reason for this display error?

There are three main reasons, so this error may appear on your computer that are important that you consider whether to make the correct repair of the same:

  1. It is possible that the BIOS within the motherboard, not compatible with the size or default, the configuration of the disk holding unit disk.
  2. Make sure the hard drive configurations are suitable for CMOS .
  3. If you have a kind of partition in the hard disk, there may be an error in it, which prevent proper installation.

 The system responds

Steps to resolve the issue with error

  • Start by the BIOS setup and CMOS appropriately

One of the main reasons for this problem are the causes 1 and 2 you placed the beginning of the post, for this reason, one of the solutions more Logic is to perform a up to complete BIOS update for your motherboard.

All this makes such action manually on your computer or failure to do so on the manufacturer’s website where you can find small tutorials to complete the task.

In addition, you need to go setup the CMOS to make sure your drive is detected correctly and the same time, change the “way Access “to the great or MLA to add support for high-capacity hard disk has.

  • begins to correct problems related to the partition of the hard drive

When a disk partition, the most common is that the resulting error of a partition inappropriate inside the hard drive because it will carry a load of errors in loading the operating system is done .

You may correct all errors arising from the burden of the operating system with on the PowerSuite application of gold, which offers users a GUI , which is easy to access and will help with any problem.

There are some basic tutorials, which are ideal to carry out the task of repair Recovery system, so do not feel lost at any time.

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