Solving The Registration Error 0x00000051 Blue Screen

 blue screen error 0x00000051

Windows requires reading records and archives to have a   normal functioning. If there are irregular entries or there is an incorrect setting in the system, then the 0x00000051 error. For this reason, we recommend reading this article you will learn the How to resolve the error log 0x00000051 blue screen

What is 0x00000051 error?

The error 0x00000051 is a code that displays a message concerning an error of registration or REGISTRY_ERROR. Sometimes, it appears just after restarting the Windows system and is characterized by the “BSOD” or blue screen of death. For this reason, many users wonder how to troubleshoot Windows blue screen? .

Often when this problem occurs, the computer shuts down suddenly and the system reboots . Thus, a message appears with the 0x00000051 code that can refer to an error log.

Causes of error 0x00000051

Frequently, 0x00000051 error is caused by a registration error . However, there are other causes that can cause this problem. Among these is the presence of malware on the computer, a virus that causes a restart of the system, an error in RAM, corrupt files on Windows or outdated drivers problems.

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How to resolve the error log 0x00000051 blue screen

You need to correct the registration error 0x00000051 because this problem will prevent you from booting normally. In addition, it is desirable fix errors of Windows problem reports for best performance of the system. For this reason, we recommend to take steps to resolve the error that you achieve easily.

Enter the folder system maintenance

To disable maintenance of the system, you access to the Windows registry editor . First, press the “Win + R” to the “Run” key window opens. There, type “regedit” and press the “Enter” key.

Immediately, will open the “Registry Editor” where you must locate the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE directory. Then, go to “Software” and within this folder is looking for “Microsoft”. Locate “Windows NT” and “CurrentVersion”. There, find the “Schedule” folder and within it selects “Maintenance”. In this way, you can disable or remove automatic maintenance in Windows .

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Disables the option of keeping the system

Once you log in to “Maintenance”, right click on a blank space to the right of the panel and “New” choose “DWORD (32-bit)”. Type the name “MaintenanceDisabled” and press “Enter”.

Double-click the new value and the “information value” box, type 1. Finally, press the “OK” button and restart the operating system to check if the error has been resolved. If the problem persists, read the next step.

 blue screen 0x00000051

Use the CCleaner


“CCleaner” is a tool that lets you correct the error 0x00000051 optimizing your computer and repair records . You can download this software from the website CCleaner . Double-click the executable file and wait while the program is installed on your system.

Open CCleaner and to the left of the panel locates the “Register”. There, find the “cleaner registry” which includes shared components such as .dll and missing or obsolete programs. Press the “Scan for Issues” and wait for CCleaner detects failures. When the search, press “Repair selected” and “Repair entry”.

Go to “Recovering the system”

You can also use the Recovery option using a Windows 10. To do so, go to the Windows settings and select the “Updating and security” . There, click the “Restart Now” so you can boot the image of the system either from the CD/DVD drive or flash drive.

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Once you access the system image, select “Repair your computer”, press the “Next” button and finally click “Startup Repair.” In this way, the system can repair registry errors.

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