How To Activate Hibernate Or Suspend Mode On My Laptop To The Close The Lid?

 enable hibernation

Sometimes taking a break from work, many people do not want to completely turn off the computer during this time. For this and other features in Windows prolonged standby. Learn how to enable Hibernate mode, or suspend your laptop to closing the lid.

Windows allows,   in the most modern equipment, have different options on or off a computer. These elections are gaining more relevance on laptops. On laptops based on Windows, there are different ways to proceed when the screen is off. They are the ways, and suspend hibernate.

Fashion Hibernate What is and what is it?

Most people get up for a moment from the PC I decide to suspend. But before doing this, you should know and take into account that if the power failure or a laptop running out of power, you will lose all the work done on it and Hallas Hallas not registered.

is between fashion reading href = “”> . This way out of the computer is very special but very useful at a time. It is being shutdown the PC as easy as know the time and date and off PC while maintaining its current state, that when relighting it will open all programs and windows that closed above.

This way, when you return the look, you will find everything as you left it. Enable hibernation mode on your laptop lid closure is an excellent choice if you do take a break and think back after some time.


 suspend my laptop

Enable Hibernation your laptop

Note that there are differences between suspend and hibernation in Windows , it is always good to know even more what.

It is

After discovering what it is, this method may decide to apply the next time you lift your laptop. If you went to your computer’s start menu and you see that there is this option, you can try to locate it from the bottom feed section to the right of the screen. It Go to the OS Power Options .

With these steps and bring up the option to enable Hibernation in your laptop lid closure.

Enable hibernate

The first thing to do is open the Windows command prompt window. To do this in the search box on the start menu type “ CMD ” right click press ” symbol system” and run as administrator.

In the window of the symbol should write: powercfg.exe/Standby prolonged After that, restart your computer .. When you return, go to Power Options again. In the window that appears, Move to the left of it and click the “Choose behavior options on and off. “

After doing this, you select the “Change settings that are currently unavailable”. It can customize options and hibernation.

Enable Hibernation your laptop to closing the lid

 suspend my laptop lid closure

One of hibernation mode features is that Windows 10 Offers various options for setting use. Including Hibernation mode on your laptop lid closure.

However, you can also put the laptop in hibernation automatically when the battery is low and not just the closing time.

To perform this action should return to power options. Now it appears a new link called “Choose the behavior of the closure cap. “ Click here.

After this you will be shown a window with several drop-down menus, see that says “Close lid” and set the option to hibernate. Ready, you have already set the PC to activate Hibernate mode on your laptop lid closure.

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