What Are The Types Of Digital Image Formats That Exist?

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Ever have wondered What are the types of formats digital images that exist? We have the answer to this question, since in this tutorial just talk formats most important digital images of today.

A format digital image , is one in which data is stored on a graph, is a photograph, a logo, etc. There are many formats of these features, but some of them have positioned themselves as the most used.

What are the types of digital image formats that exist?

The truth is that many image file formats, but they are few who have positioned themselves as relevant . Each has its advantages and disadvantages, undoubtedly the most popular formats as follows:


One of the formats most popular image for many years and is a compression format with loss was born from the need to find a format that would reduce the size of image files.

JPG works very efficiently, greatly reducing the size relative to formats such as BMP. This is fine for most images, in any case, is not the best optional for professional, since the quality loss is notable less for these conditions.

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PNG format gets its name from Portable Network Graphics and is described as an image format bitmap graphics. The format was born in 1995 and provides certain advantages over other formats.

One of the main features of this format is that it allows real transparency, which means that an image in this format can be later used as a Sticker or for use within web pages.

Note that you can also convert images to JPG PNG without losing quality if you use the right tools.


The BMP format is ancient being first developed in 1986 by Microsoft, has long been the standard in digital images and graphics. In any case, in recent years their use has decreased greatly.

One of the problems of the BMP format, is that the images often have considerable weight , since it is not a compression format. Its quality is very good, in any case, if you want to make changes to the image, it is best to opt for another type of format.

While the weight problem is severe, it can also be considered reduce the size of an image with BMP , as there are various methods for this task.


The GIF format gets its name from Graphics Interchange Format, which translates as Graphics Interchange Format . This format was released in 1987, but still very much alive to this day, it is a lossless format, but the negative side can only handle 256 colors.

One of the main features of this format, and is the reason why it is mostly known, is that you can create animated images . This feature was perhaps the one that did not die the format of the whole and is still used today to platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook.


SVG is a vector format, which gradually has become very popular, especially among web developers. It is a scalable format with compression capabilities. In fact, the images in this format have a much weight less than other formats.

In fact, this format can be used in personal pages, therefore it is right to know the advantages and disadvantages of SVG on a website to determine whether it is appropriate for this type of use.

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RAW format

What we know as RAW is not just a format , more refers all those graphics that I not gone through a compression process. In other words, the RAW formats handled very poorly processed images, which means they can be worked so very efficient.

This is the type of files most commonly used by photographers and creators of different graphic content . You are obtained with a material substantially raw state. This is convenient for editing image files.

After all the information shown above, you may want to know the differences between PNG, JPG, GIF and BMP to conclude what is best for every circumstance.

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