How To Update My Raspberry Pi To Raspbian Buster Version Without Losing My Data?

 update my raspberry pi

Raspberry Pi is a series of compact computers and technology developed under a low consumption. However, they are constantly updated, because he called to update your Raspberry Pi to Raspbian Buster version without losing your data.

The mini-computers pi raspberry come with specialized software for them, called Raspbian. This is based on Debian, given free use of the operating system with two variants, one with and one without graphical programming environment for more advanced users.

similar and even rivals < a href = ""> all Linux versions and its features.

Raspbian Buster

The creators of Raspberry Raspbian computer and operating system developed the new . It can be installed on all models of the devices of this brand, improving performance exponentially. Due to this update on your Raspberry Pi to version Raspbian Buster without losing your data is essential.

In turn, if not to want to upgrade, you can stop them as in the case of the automatic updates in Windows 10.

It also offers improvements and benefits throughout the operating system. In particular, its production also has to do with the new version Debian 10. This operating system has its output around the raspberry 4.

Since improves performance of all previous models raspberry many users have this update. However, some make the mistake of performing a clean install to erase all data. As this may not be the interest of users there is an effective method to apply the update without losing files.


 update Raspbian Buster

Steps to update your Raspberry Pi to Raspbian Buster version without losing your data

The upgrade process is similar to other Linux-based software such as Debian. So it will not be complex update your Raspberry Pi to version Raspbian Buster without losing your data.

The first step is to access the raspberry device may be physically or remotely via SSH protocol to manage the computer via the network. The following is running the terminal to execute a series of commands and start updating the operating system without deleting the data.

In the terminal must enter the ” sudo apt update & amp; & Amp; Sudo apt upgrade “ and restart using the ” sudo reboot “. This generates changes to the first action to take effect.

Once the new device turned on the next step is to modify the sources of the operating system by opening the “/etc/apt/sources.list” . To open the above address must be entered on the command terminal the following ” sudo nano/etc/apt/sources.list” and apply.

When the item is opened, it should be replaced every word “ Expandable ” in the open text “ Buster ” above. After this process is to save and close the file.

After completing these steps will run the terminal again, place and apply the command ” sudo apt Update & amp; & Amp; sudo apt dist-upgrade “.

This unit will start updating the data in the system and install all files required to apply the updated Raspbian Buster. Because it is an update of OS this process will take. It is advised to be patient and maintain Internet connection equipment to prevent failures.

 buster Raspbian version without losing my data

Once this process is complete, restart your computer subtracted only for latest measures are implemented. When the computer starts have the last update Raspbian Buster without losing a single fact.

To finish and be sure its successful installation, you can check the software version by opening the terminal command and entering the following ” cat/etc/* – release”. Capping all the update process your Raspberry Pi to Raspbian Buster version without losing your data.

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