What It Is And What Is A Sandbox In The Computer? -Definitive Guide

 which is serving and a sandbox in computer

Computers are essential tools in the daily lives of many people, so keep your care both externally and internally is one of the keys to your preservation and optimal performance for long.

In addition to preventive maintenance, replacement of parts and other actions that are necessary to ensure operating at one hundred percent, it never hurts to take some kind of preventive measure at the time of executing a program that may harm, somehow, the performance of the computer.

Let’s talk about the Sandbox

From this thought arises the idea of ​​Sandbox, which is merely a component that will contribute to the running programs so safe , r educiendo risks softwares of unreliability may have enormously negative impact on the operating system of the computer.

What is the Sandbox?

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As explained above, this process of data isolation aims protect all information and access to the operating system from your computer to the dubious behavior or questionable reliability can be compared to a program.


  • It also helps to shield all information from your computer. Documents, web browsers and communication programs or exchange of multimedia content, they are protected by the Sandbox
  • It optimizes security parameters when performing the installation a program on your computer you can.

Operation Sandbox

Some browsers and programs have implemented their own tools insulation protect themselves and protect your computer from malicious code .

In the case of programs to install or run, how Sandbox works? The most commonly used analogy has been to the sandbox: This tool assigned a specific space to that program within the hard drive of your computer to be installed and run


The technology of this important tool gives that program needed to be executed normally, without being able expand into other areas of your computer and affect them.

Sandbox Ways to use

 Ways to use Sandbox

This type of tool data protection is available on Windows and GNU-Linux operating systems using any software. So, this time, you will know how to apply it in each of the operating systems.

GNU-Linux Sandbox

For this type of operating system using the Firejail recommended. This recommendation is based on the broad scope that can have: Protecting transfer programs or communication multimedia content (such as Skype, for example), web browsers and video players and audio


Your weight is light and easy to use . To use this tool, you simply need to enter the sudo apt-get install firejail command. From there, you’ll start with the profile settings:

  • Define which folders could access the program.
  • The permissions granted for operation.
  • Use specific DNS.
  • Define whether or not Internet access.
  • If you want to set up the profile of a program, enter the command: sudo nano/etc/firejail/name of the programa.profile
  • If you want to restrict Internet access to a program, enter the command firejail -net = none name of the program

Sandbox in Windows

To use the Sandbox Windows operating system , the process is somewhat easier. You just need to click on the start menu and follow the instructions:

  1. Write «Enable or disable Windows features». That way, the search will be activated and you can see the result and click.
  2. Then a window in which marcarás box sandboxed Windows will open.
  3. Restart your computer.
  4. Click the Start menu and look for Windows Sandbox.
  5. That’ll be way enter the configuration interface of this tool and start increasing levels of protection on your computer.

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