How To Grow And Have More Followers Easily Peoople

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There is a new social network which became one of the most popular he has a great resemblance to the popular Application Mobile Instagram because it gives you the power to create various recommendations, which are also you showed the audience that all may be customized recommendations.

How to grow and get more followers in peoople easily

In order to connect with other accounts and users, who have the same tastes, which, in addition, for each interaction that is generated, the person is able to generate stable income based on their activity.

peoople different categories and functions, which will be based on categories are looking because if you have the ability to create number of recommendations to your liking. Similarly, in the flat – form, you critics can these rows, so that each user Visit your Profile , feel identified with your taste and comments.

In this post we want to show a little more about this application and how the followers and interactions can easily obtain and consistently.

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What peoople network?

The plate – form peoople consists of a mobile , which allows users to access a flat – as ideal mobile for more search terms products and services , which also have the approval and the review of special users within the social network.

How it works?

Although everyone has the opportunity to download this app, starting with its use, it is handled-based levels, including lies the most basic level and to go forward, you get various achievements and even goals for higher level and more and   more benefits, one of the largest peoople power make money.

The levels to which we refer are simple and easy to see, here, we explain more about them and the benefits you can get:

This is the first level, in which you must create your profile if Custom , using the Settings and start and make recommendations for various products and services

When the level influencers, has several advantages, among which we can highlight the fact that you can monetize your account and therefore be able to find a daily income.

This is one of the best spots of the platform because it means that your skills in the recommendation, are excellent. To enter this section is because you have invited at least 100 people, all the income you make will depend on the use you give to the application.

Go star level, is the highest level of all, because at this stage, you should have invited 10,000 people and also for fans of 50K .

Home users peoople

Tips to make money

This is one of the most important steps in peoople because it recommends performing two to three daily recommendations, which will be added to your Profile with a short description of the product we recommend, add at least three recommendations listed below to ensure success:

It is important to find new users each day, which must be   assets continue joint account and give your taste Recommended:


Unlike Instagram, in peoople You might – be as though infinitely, must be careful not to abuse it, because it can be considered spam like conveniently given in 3 or 4 publications with the following requirements:

  • Likes from the activity
  • Likes about comments

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