Using Brushes And Patches Of Correction Tools Photoshop

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Photoshop is a software developed by Adobe Systems Corporation. It is used to create and edit images and photographs. Its original date back to the emergence of new tools that have occurred in the eighties.

Initially, obtained compatible version with the Macintosh operating system because of this platform comes from its first appearance in the digital market (1990). Today, there were versions for Windows, Macintosh and Apple.

How to use Photoshop brushes and correction tools patches?

 Photoshop correct imperfections

The program Photoshop editing tools and effects are sections that will be applied around these negative aspects of the image. Some of the most common defects are associated with “red eye” ; if a person has been photographed. Other disadvantages associated with the distortion of the environment, the captured figures or .

There are two tools specifically used to correct images; these are the correction brushes and patches . Both are essential when removing these specific ways that diminish the quality of a digital image, such as spots on the face and body or solar reflectance. can install the best brushes quickly

How to use brushes in Photoshop correction tool

This tool is used to cancel the imperfections by removing; essentially concealer brush remove stains from the specific place image and replace the area with pixels similar to those found in the vicinity of the damage, creating the illusion that it never existed.

To change an image and a proper concealer application brush must perform a very simple process that does not require eliminating long complications. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Enter the program and select from your files gallery Edit image .
  • Select in the toolbox “healing brush” .
  • A pulsar this option to click on the “brush sample” of the toolbar and select the location where you consider appropriate.
  • is important to consider the essential points as the brush diameter, angle, hardness and rigidity. If you do not know much about each option; you can try to choose the best.
  • Next, you must choose a “blend mode” . This point defines the correct texture and place you on the available toolbar.
  • Next, the toolbar, choose a ” source” . This is important because it is how the anger “repair” image.
  • Choose how you want to align the pixels can align drag the mouse without losing the point of focus. This option is then continued.
  • Then you Drag the image . Thus, the melting process is shown between the fixed and existing pixels.

  Steps to apply the patch tool in Photoshop

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This tool will select a section of the image to be replaced by another similar space is done: that is ” short” an image of the space in this part of ” paste “ a similar section. This will then camouflages the defect. Now, to apply a   Patch must do the following:

  • Select the toolbar “Spot Healing Brush” . bar options you must click on “patch” will be displayed .
  • A box appears with the phrase “patch content options” .
  • Select the area you want to apply the patch.
  • There are now two aspects must specify:
    • Structure : Specify 1 to 7 the accuracy with which wants to copy spaces is displayed
    • .

    • Color : Select how you like the color of the patch with respect to the section to copy on a scale of 1 to 10
    • .

  • Click on the image and select the section you want to replace.
  • Now drag just above the section of the image you want to use as a patch.

We hope this article has been helpful and we would like to know your opinion Have you been able to apply the correction tools Photoshop brushes and patch? Leave your answer in the comments.

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