How To Clone Or Duplicate A Person With Photoshop? -Steps Step

 man with double effect

Edit images has become work or favorite hobby of some people. However, nowadays duplicate a person in Photoshop remains an impediment for some. Using the toolbar Adobe Photoshop sometimes be complex.

Adobe Photoshop is a strategy that over the years has maintained the recognition of being the most optimal tool to make edits .

How to Clone or Duplicate a person with Photoshop -Step by Step

However, many employers of the software have recognized the various difficulties occupying the same program when manipulating images. However, if achieved, you can even to create a graphic outline in Photoshop.

Because of this, some people choose to make intensive courses to facilitate their use and development through the editor.

Learn to duplicate a person in Photoshop easily

What many users are unaware of is the existence of a tool called clone source , which lets you see the overlap of the selected sample. Thus, understand what it is, what it is for Adobe Photoshop and what are its tools is completely essential.

This is a strategy that acquired from Photoshop CS3 so that the people to achieve semitransparent display overlap is selected.

It all starts with opening the image you’ve decided to make duplication within the program, because from there you will select the Clone Tool .

You can find it in the vertical bar is the left side of the screen, the icon is shaped like a seal or cap.

Before Shading duplicate content to enable overlapping which was discussed above displaying the menu “ Tools “.

 double people photoshop

Click the option that is named “ Clone Source “, which will show a window where you can set the transparency that you like.

Make sure you check the box “ Show Overlay ” so tell you with a check symbol duplicating what you’ve done.

You can

Then begin to select the person you want to duplicate, which must make simultaneously pressing Alt .

You completed your selection, you’ll notice that if you move the mouse crawl turn semi-transparent layer that is above the original image.

To finish to duplicate a person in Photoshop, place it in the place where you want it to appear by clicking on the area to leave the copy there.

Tips for working with duplications in Adobe Photoshop

Although the process is quite simple, the clones tend to be very apparent when they are made within the same images.

You know the full potential the program offers to improve the composition and quality of the editing is done. No cloning must run on the original layer (increases the weight of the file).

The solution is simpler to follow the procedure in duplicate image (pressing “ Ctrl + J “) or by creating another layer.

 Celebration duplicate

Before duplicating a person in Photoshop, activates the option “ Show all layers ” in the toolbar. Then adapts the selection of each area as you have, so you take the right size space.

In this aspect Best friends are the diameter and hardness of what selections , so that well will determine how wide and marked are the edges of the silhouette of the person.

Both can modify them through “ Alt + Right-click “, moving the mouse up to change the hardness and on the sides to enlarge or reduce the diameter.

Finally, take the time necessary to reach the editing you want, as duplicate content of an image without takes a lot of dedication is evident.

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