Making A Blur Effect In Photoshop Cc -Easy And Fast

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Apprentice in Photoshop CC ?; in this post you will see how to make a blur effect Photoshop CC -easy and fast. Although be warned that you must have some basic knowledge about handling objects and layers. For example; and focus align text, images and objects in Photoshop CC , and know < a href = ""> unlock the padlock to a layer in Photoshop CC .

How to blur effect in Photoshop CC -Easy and Fast

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Another aspect of great importance, is to manage the funds. If you’re still learning about this tool, we recommend sabermás about how to change the background of a photo with Photoshop CC , and delete the background of a photo with Photoshop CC .

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How can you make a full or partial effect of blur in Photoshop CC?

Blur a photo or image with Photoshop CC is very easy, just enough steps few for both Blur completely photography, and to do so Partial , everything will depend on the effect you want. Without more preamble we show below:

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How to completely blur photography


  • The first thing to do is open the picture and click on it
  • Then open the “Filters” and click “defocus”
  • In the sub-menu click “Gaussian Blur”
  • Place prefer to achieve pixel blur, and then click OK
  • .

 unfocused image

How partially blur the picture?

First method to partially blur photography:

  • One way to partially blur the image or only its bottom is completely blur it, but you must double your coat or copy to work partial blur, you do this by pressing the keys Ctrl + J or drag to create a new layer .
  • Open the tab “Filters” and click “defocus”.
  • In the sub-menu click “Gaussian Blur”.
  • Once opened, the percentage applied filter prefer to achieve blur, click Ok,
  • Choose within the photograph your target point , ie the person or persons, faces, objects, or a space specifically, or whatever you like to focus in order to enhance it, simply go to “Draft” tool to find the left side of Fotoshop CC to proceed to delete,
  • To do this you must go to the “Brush mode” , there choose from the range of options brush size that best suits what you want delete, if the image is a bit bulky or thick may need both a thicker brush,
  • Then with the Alt key will make the corresponding zoom towards people, objects, or image space you plan to erase,
  • With your brush proceeds to erase all your target point; Choose the brush size to help you clear the finer details and edges or contours.

Second method blur effect in Photoshop CC Pictured:

  • On a copy of the layer, go to the toolbar and choose the element quick selection , apply on the objective point you want to highlight or separate because I do not want desenfocarlo now proceed to delineate the mouse cursor or contour edges of your target point
  • At the end, press the button “Select and apply mask” .
  • To refine some details of the edge, see the “brush” and draw the outline or edges that have remained outside your target point <./li>
  • Go to Tip: , there select “New Layer with Layer Mask” and click on “Ok”
  • Click on the mask, thus see that separate or isolate your target point of the rest of the picture, the background of the photograph will be there but hidden appear,
  • If you want to see the bottom again, click on the “Fund”

 blur effect

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  • Then, go to the “Filters” tab, click “defocus”
  • In the sub-menu click “Gaussian Blur”
  • Applies the pixel filter prefer to achieve the desired blur in the background, the less choose level will be clearer outline
  • .

With Photoshop CC have many options to perfect the most of your photographs. However, for a optimal blur effect , either in whole or in part; applies without inconvenience these steps on how to make a blur effect in Photoshop CC.

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