Making The Effect Of Dispersion Of Particles In Adobe Photoshop -Step By Step

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What is Photoshop and what is it? The program Photoshop is a program designed by the company Adobe graphics systems. This program is a multiplatform focuses on treating ordinary images and apply various effects for processing.

Adobe Photoshop allows users edit images using a lot of tools and filters . Is the most comprehensive program in terms of creating optical illusions and graphics tweaks, the artist may well correct certain aspects of the shots or transform all its content using the tools to align and focus texts, images and objects , remove reflection resize images, among others.

How do the effect of dispersion of particles in Adobe Photoshop?

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There is a tool Adobe Photoshop well known in the trade, this is called scattering effect . It consists of an edit image resembling the progressive disintegration of forms and figures. Either powder particles or other options.

To apply this effect is not necessary to have great knowledge in the area or be a teacher in the subject. Today we show you how to make the dispersion effect.

Steps to make the effect of dispersion of particles in Adobe Photoshop

The first thing to do is duplicate the layer containing the image. You can do it by clicking the right mouse button and selecting “Duplicate Layer” or pressing Ctrl + “J” keys to do so directly.

A duplicate time, you must disable the visibility of the top layer and select the lower layer or copy, now must draw a contour around the edges or figure of a person or object. to do this click on the toolbar on the left of the screen and select the “lasso Tool” option. Then performs contour (this should not be exact).


Click and select “Fill/content” , then the subdivision choose the “According/Content” . Then press Ctrl + ‘D’ to deselect. The program automatically displays the content that has created us, instead of the parts of the figure that we remove the “Brush particles’ .

Reactivate the visibility of the top layer and selected in the tool tray “Quick Pick” , is found in the tool panel to the left.

Then draw an outline of the edges of the figure and right click, then choose the “Apply Mascara” . You can use the brush to refine and improve the selection edges. Finally, click “Layer Mask” and select ‘Ok’ .

scattering effect

Now you can create the effect of dispersion. We are going to create two layers again . In one we’re going to create the effect of dispersion itself; while the other is for create the effect of particle decay on the model. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Select the layer having the mask and make a copy (to do this use the letters Ctrl + J)
  • Click on right-click on the layer mask and select “Apply mask layer” , rename this and writes “Dispersion” .
  • Now duplicate the ‘dispersion’ layer and changes its name to “model” .
  • For the result is the need to have appropriate layers in the following order:
    • Visible Layer Model.
    • Scattering Layer Visible.
    • Layer Mask with no visible.
    • Undercoat visible.

Creating the scattering effect

  • You must select the layer “Dispersion” , you click on menu, select effects and then press “liquefy”
  • You click the “Distort forward” to choose the direction in which you want to create the effect of dispersion. “
  • Click on the Alt + Mask to apply black color layer “Dispersion” .
  • Then click on the layer “model” create a copy and select it.
  • Click on the toolbar, select “Brush” and select the black color for the brush.

 Photoshop lens disperses woman

  • Choose brushes erase, like particles of different sizes. You can go turning applying to create a better finish.

Finally, you can try different effects to practice and give a touch more genuine and like you to each image.

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