How To Fill The Content According Photoshop Easy And Simple?

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Photoshop image editor par excellence, since many years reign as one of the best tools   established. This is because of its simple interface and its variety of functions. And it is that the functions are many concerns, including the power filling by content Photoshop learn today.

It’s a fairly simple process, you just know use the bar of Adobe Photoshop tools. remember having an account or ID card in free Adobe.

Well there are significantly faster applications edit a photo , professionals and amateurs, publishing, graphic designers also deserve some love. And what better way to prove that a small mini-guide, easy and simple.

Fill in Photoshop according to the content is very easy

The truth is that the use of this tool is very simple and once you do stay first in your mind almost immediately. The first thing to do is open obviously an image and Photoshop and once inside, with the selection tool you have in the shade or select the section of the image you want to edit.

Next, then select the “ Edit ” and then “Filling based on content” with it appear in the document window, the sampling area ( it will be a mask overlay that is just above the image).

Right where the display panel “padding by content” , it is where you can select the configuration of the filling, the output configuration and the sample area.


edicion photoshop

Tools to adjust and fill areas show

Now that you know how to reach the Fill options based content in Photoshop, you can even open or modify the file without Photoshop PSD online.

It’s time you learned a little more editing you can make pictures. There are a variety of tools in this application, which helps us to adjust or control the area where we work, the first is called ” sample Brush”.

This will enlarge or reduce the work area, to increase the area you select “ Add ” that is the options of the tool bar. Once you oppress just paint over the areas you want to include.

To do otherwise is the same process, this time in search of the “ Subtraction ” and a feeling of oppression, once painted on the areas you want to exclude (You can also increase or decrease the size of the brush in the section of the same name that is on the bar)

The following is the “Lasso” , it serves to change the previous selection had already been made of the filling area. Then we can also use the “hand tools” , it is useful to move   the preview window and the document itself also has a shortcut if you click the “ M ” immediately switch to another tool.

And finally there is the “ Zoom “, which allows us to simply increase or decrease the distance we see the image, to better appreciate for example, or in more detail. With this, you know how to fill in the content like Photoshop, but there is one last step you need to learn.


 how to complete depending on the content Photoshop

fill parameters by the content

As you have read, “Filling based on content” can be configured more   small pieces such as: “Show   sampling area “, which you can see the selected area in the document. Or, “Opacity” that defines the opacity of the overlay. We can also find the “Color” to designate a color in the document window.

And finally, we have the “ Show “, which lets us see overlapping the sampling area and the exclusion area (both options are eligible in the same menu ).

Done with these tools and functions can be completed based content in Photoshop like a pro, because even a little, it is more than enough to work effectively with one of the best tools for the design.

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