How To Make And Use The Ruler Tool In Photoshop Step By Step

Photoshop is called edit is developed by Adobe Systems. With this program, you can do digitally retouching.

Also, Photoshop has many tools included many of which users do not know how to handle such tool called “Rule” . So we will explain the steps you must follow to work with her on this program.

The rule is a tool to measure and work in editing images you need to understand its use. For this reason, it is necessary to know in depth what it does and how this tool so that in this way can create wonders with this program is managed.

Discover step by step how to use the ruler to measure in Photoshop

Fund Photoshop

Photoshop has many tools that you can freely work and create good pictures. Therefore, if you need to know the measurements of a single image must implement the use of this tool.

This program is considered the best application for the design, but also there are other alternatives . For this reason, you must follow each step listed below for how to measure the images and correctly use the rule in the program.

It should be understood that the measures in the editing program are in pixels for this reason, the rule shows its action on that drive. Initially this tool to locate the panel of tools in the same square where are the drops.

You position yourself only on the ” snippets” and right-click to perform this step will appear submenu, even with few options in which is included an icon with a ruler. It is called Ruler tool and you must click to use it.

You can then select the image you want to measure and get to the point where you want from the measurement is made. In addition, you hold the mouse slide to the end point , he draws a straight line.

Then, the measurement information you can simply perform a display in a bar that appears under the menu bar. In turn, if you want to know the measures in another unit, you can do it, just double-click the icon automatically adjusts display options containing publicized units.

Tool features in Photoshop rule

 tool in Photoshop rule

The rule is a necessary and indispensable tool in the program, it can know the extent of an object on the sheet Photoshop . Similarly, you can get the scale when printing.

In turn, if you work on designing a logo and must follow specific steps, the rule can guide you to the end result of your work as planned.

Also in the program, you can measure distances to achieve this should Select the Ruler tool as explained above. Then you switch to the desired starting point from which to measure the endpoint. In turn, trace the horizontal or vertical line You can help by pressing Shift button.

place – afterwards in the upper section of the “Menu” “data” so that you get the information he has just made. It is simple, in this way can measure things in Photoshop. Similarly, the rule may also angle measurement In addition, this tool can straighten an image if you want.

In conclusion, this tool performs the function of measuring and using images from sales or other item with precision. The rule is functional within the program, you only need to understand the amount of uses and implement the rest when editing with Photoshop.

Finally, we hope this article has allowed him to help. However, we would like to know your opinion been able to use the tool in Photoshop rule following the steps outlined above? Leave your answer in the comments.

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