Putting A Text Behind An Image, People Or Objects With Photoshop

The world of publishing has caused great impact on the world. Globalization has increasingly driven development platforms that promote creativity of professionals and amateurs, letting flow wit numbers of people.

The graphic design, is positioned as a great ally in the universe of the marketing , offering amazing tools for entrepreneurs in the digital era. Within the different programs available on the web editions, such as Illustrator, Premier and After Effects, which is undoubtedly the most popular, as it is Adobe Photoshop.

How put a text behind an image, people or objects with Photoshop

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Developed by Adobe is imposed as one of the best tools in its category . While others may rise alternative to Photoshop programs, this tool is still the most popular and used.

is positioned as the right hand of several designers and photographers, who take advantage of its many amazing tools to highlight issues.

The first version of this program was launched in 1990 and was only available for Mac. It was not until two years later that managed to be versioned for Windows.

Develop creative editions

Photoshop has multiple options that cover various tweaks images. In addition to correcting imperfections and restore images, this program encourages creativity, allowing apply different kinds of effects that will highlight your edit , as apply a 3D effect on the text.

 Develop creative issues

The setting lighting control curves color, application and introduction to word, this program has become one of the standards edition of the photography world.

Add text to a photo

Among the tools offered by Photoshop, is the integrate texts and behind elements in a photo . Do this is really simple, but to create stunning designs, it will be necessary to practice and achieve dexterity when using tools.

  • To begin, initially as a canvas must have the picture you want to use. If you decide to get certain adjustments in terms of lighting and shades before adding the text, I can carry it out without any complications.
  • then need to locate the text tool, identified with a « T «. You will have options to configure and customize the word or phrase you’ve added. You can change color, size, font type, among other options available to highlight your style and make it authentic.
  • Choose between horizontal and vertical text, depending on what you need or want to create.
  • Next, you must duplicate the layer of the image, placing it on the layer of the added text. (Each element will you add a layer). Contornearás silhouette using the quick selection tool.
  • can view the layers created by pressing F11 .
  • If you need to cut, you can use various tools to help you carry out this function. However, the most accurate and most accurate is the pen tool . You only have to bring bordearas causing pixelee picture, and with small dots around the crop area.
  • To refine the selection, can use the brush tool, so you can add softness and shape above the selected layer, leaving the image and text in harmony.
  • You should be aware that the time to finalize the amendment and before performing other operations, must approve changes in the text . To do this, you must select options to confirm or cancel, located below the text.
  • Once finished editing the text, you must select and right click and choose sombreas layer by choosing the option to copy.

Edit and position text

Place text editing is a process quite simple. The next step will mobilize photo cutout to the part where you want to place it. As the image layer will be positioned in front of the text layer, this will be reflected behind it.

 Edit and position text

As we noted above, each can practice perfect using each tool that gives you this amazing editing program.

Let your imagination and creativity fly, be daring even edit so fabulous designs online you will definitely allow you to join the world of publishing.

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