How To Invert The Colors Of An Image Using Photoshop? – Step By Step

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The use of computers has reached everywhere, so has influenced the development of our society. Its use has reached all fields, the picture does not escape from it.

The photograph was evolving gradually with the passing of the years, were changing the ways in which photographic shots are taken. And the quality with which they are taken, each time better the resolution before us.

Another aspect with which the use of computing has become relevant for photography is the href=””> . Through programs that can be run from a computer can perform very specialized editing work.

For some time, using the Photoshop has expanded and viralizado , becoming a relevant detail and important photographs.

How to invert the colors in an image using Photoshop?

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These programs are developed exclusively for works of very advanced editing, can be downloaded from the official web pages of each program. If we want to edit our pictures we must seek the best programs allow.

One of the programs that desatacan in this area is Photoshop This is an image editor which was created in 1990. Today it is one of the most widely used worldwide, due your good performance and high capacity editing .

It was developed by Adobe Systems Incorporated, its operation encompasses everything related to photo editing and graphics. Offers a variety of tools to make any kind of editing you want.

Its comprehensive interface as well as the speed with which it operates to perform any task you are doing. With a little practice be able perform simple editing of very high quality.

Many of the programs that can perform advanced editing jobs are paid. But this is not Photoshop, this program can find totally free what does it a lot better for us.

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One of the features that highlight Photoshop compared with other graphics editing programs . We can customize our workspace, placing and m oviendo tools to the position that we should desire


A using this program, perform work as add filters to your photos, remove people from a photo, degraded or modify the saturation will be very easy to perform tasks. Thus it is important to know everything that Photoshop has to offer.

Steps to invert the colors of an image with Photoshop

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One of the things we can do very easily and practice is to invert the colors of an image to their opposites. In this article we will learn the steps to follow to invert the colors of an image using Photoshop.

If we invert the colors of an image do with Photoshop will be an easy task, for it first thing we do is open the program Photoshop. Once you open wait until fully charge its interface.

Now what we do is enter the picture to which we will apply the effect, for this the drag from another window or the method that we like. Now we have to do is drag the mouse cursor to our “image” option located on the top left of the screen and you click on it.

In this way an options menu will be displayed, here we look for the “Settings” option and we click on this option. Then another menu of options will open to the right, we should look for the “Reverse” option and select it.

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Following the above automatically be invested colors image, this action can also be performed by means of commands that can be made from your keyboard. If we want to invert the colors of an image with command what we must do is to press the CTRL key and ready sank the I key.

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