How To Put A Watermark Copyright To An Image In Photoshop Cc

a monitor reflects a number of codes and the other monitor displays an image in photoshop

Want to protect your work by inserting a watermark to your image in Photoshop Well, this article is for you. You know all the effort involved create and work with images without losing quality . We’ll show you in simple steps how to achieve leaving your signature or fingerprint as the well known brands of water.

How put a watermark copyright to an image in Photoshop CC

Watermarks on image

brands The water are messages, logos, signatures superimposed on an image with some transparency , its presence is observed without impeding photo display, so the image is protected. Usually, the agencies employ or anyone who wants to take care of their digital works.

Since this technique was invented so far, regularly used for preserve the copyright or as usually called copyright on each picture created by someone. This technique is not only limited to images, you can also put watermarks on videos.

man sailing boat in the water and background logo photoshop

Another use is to publicize or promote a name, logo or website. So the person who observes photography has informed the source image. It is advised that water marks are placed in a sector that Do not interrupt the display and supplement or accompany the work. Then as inserting watermark to the image in Photoshop.

Place watermark image with Photoshop

  • First go to File and open a image anyone want to put your watermark.
  • Then use the text tool Photoshop .
  • Before writing have the option to change the font, size and color. Such tools texts are on top horizontally. Once written you can place it in any area of ​​your work.
  • In the window called Layers , select the layer of the text by clicking the right mouse button and click on convert smart objects (helps save the picture in the highest quality, so that the expanding or reduce not lose its sharpness).
  • You have your watermark.! If you prefer to spend a little unnoticed, can apply Opacity (you find it in the Layers dialog box)

As you can see, it’s easy to place your mark. There is another way to do it and unlike the previous method has its advantages in saving time.

image of an elephant with watermark

Creating the watermark as file

  • Go to File, click on New. You will get a dialog box in which you will place the name you want to identify, on select content background transparent. And ok
  • das.

  • Once in your work area, you go to the bar Vertical tool , on the left and touch the T (Text) icon.
  • To change the format select it and go to the top bar to change the font, size and color.
  • Then valid the changes by clicking the icon with the image verification or checked, usually at the top near the horizontal bar.
  • Go to Menu click image and select cut. the dialog with 2 subgroups opens, the first says Based on …. is selected transparent pixels and the second subgroup Separate …. Select all the options and give ok.
  • We keep working.
  • Now open the image you want to insert your watermark . To do this go to the menu, click File and Pinchas in place … select the file you saved earlier.
  • The signature will be in the middle of the screen, so the mouse drag and place yourself where you want …
  • and valid change by clicking the check icon (green).

Gradually you get to know the world of Adobe Photoshop and tools. That if abuse is not much of watermarking otherwise not enjoy the image. We hope this has been very useful and can leave your comments.

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