How To Unlock And Remove The Padlock To A Layer In Photoshop Cc

There are many positive adjectives that we can offer, in respect of one of the photo editors most used in the world and is none other than Photoshop CC . And far from losing adherents, he won them, thanks to its user-friendly features and great versatility.

How to Unlock and remove the padlock to a Layer in Photoshop CC

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That is why we have devoted another article this application to show you should do if you want to Unlock and remove the padlock to a ENCC layer.

Perhaps one aspect that can keep away some users of this application , is that it has many functions. And it is with this program can accomplish anything you can imagine.

And then largely unknown how they work and how they can be used to take full advantage of each tool of this fabulous program. When a layer has a padlock icon means as everyone should already be deduced, which is locked.

 remove lock photoshop

And for users who use this application amateur way, we will not have the foggiest idea how to unlock it. And this is where comes in this tutorial to teach you How to Unlock and remove the padlock to a layer in Photoshop CC.

How to Unlock and remove the padlock to a layer in Photoshop CC

It is true what many may think, about the many features and tools that have this application and know them takes many hours of practice. But you really want to say that each of them is very easy to use and it will be very easy to learn. much as change the language Adobe Photoshop CC.

Now we’ll explain why locked layers, something as simple as removing the recent files of the home screen. This happens to offer a help, as can accidentally make changes. These can happen at different stages of your work or in some original images.

And it is just for this reason when you open an image, it was found locked from the start and just tell the layer is called Background. Then it is for security measures that are blocked. But this does not mean that there is no way to unlock those layers are blocked.

Then we go on and let’s not talk much, so you can Unlock and remove the padlock to a layer in Photoshop CC . You must do the following, in principle go and open the Photoshop application. Now go away layers wing located on the right side and click on the layer is locked.

Unlock locked layer in Photoshop CC

This layer in the Layers palette and here you will find all the layers starting with the bottom layer. There you can fix it exists in this layer a small padlock icon, indicating that this layer is locked.

Then we’re going to do to unlock it, in principle select the image layer and then we will give you double clip on the lock.

This action will present a picture with the name New Layer, there must rename the better you like it. And then we went to the Ok option and we will click and doing this and like magic the lock has disappeared and consequently image or layer is unlocked.

You can tell how simple and easy it is, to use this photo editing application, do not take more than one minute is unlock this layer. As we have discussed, ignorance of the workings of the various tools, is what allows us not use it more actively and to then copy and paste .

 unlock photoshop

And so, we have concluded with the tutorial gave you a very simple answer to the problem that I was presenting. And with simple steps could learn how to unlock and remove the padlock to a layer in Photoshop CC.

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