Using The Clone Stamp Tool In Photoshop If It Does Not Work

Photoshop has many tools   and if the Clone Stamp tool in Photoshop is not working, not afraid to have, everything has a solution, here we will let you how to use it, so you will better understand and if this does not work, you indicate that to do.

  buffer cloned into Photoshop is one of the utilities that can give this program, the system was launched in 1999, because it is one of the favorites for lovers of photography and editing.

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With photoshop you dare design you want editing a , for some people the use of this program has been so effective, that is one of the href = “”> most recommended programs.

What is the Clone Stamp tool in photoshop?

probably This is one of the most used as they can of the same image to remove some content (color, texture) to place it in the same image erasing more it may seem, is an extremely useful tool because you can reshape your image with the original.

How to Use the Clone Stamp tool in Photoshop

Of course, this tool has a lot of opinions, some say they like more than others, but in conclusion is an extremely beneficial tool because it can develop a completely different from the action of all that seems to be common to the rest. Then you simply leave procedures:

  • The Clone tool is reflected in the bar where you leave the other options, in the left bar, guide you, because it is similar to a seal.
  • You click this label and automatically see cursor is circular.
  • You Create a new layer , then you going to samples, you’ll look at the options you have above.
  • You must click samples, instead of just the current position of the layer, you can choose other options you will be indifferent to the other two choose options, but what is important is that do not let in the current layer, as do the following will leave nothing.
  • Then you use the ” alt” the press off , you paint the area that you want.
  • You can use the Opacity which also see above, this work is that you do the part of the image that you have decided to take as a buffer will change a little color, being similar to the area you want to clone.
  • Accordingly, these simple steps, you know how it is cloned buffer with the tool in Photoshop, if you want to see as before, what you need to do is this; where the layers you appear, you choose which opened earlier hidden and you see your work as before.

It does not work me the stamp tool cloned

Many users who are new to the program, sometimes the same problem, however, may not know how to use it or any part of your PC is damaged, so here we leave some steps and what you can do.

  • It is possible that not defined the area you want to clone , remember to hold down ” alt” and click to set your point of origin.
  • Use the Reset tools and restart the program.
    Chrome removes plugins because sometimes it affects the operation of the program.
  • Try pressing the ” alt” without using the program because it can – be that your keyboard is not in perfect condition, be confused because you believe that the tool does not support the program.

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  • Uninstall the program is also an option , and you uninstall restart your PC, it may be that is saturated the operating system itself.
  • In Photoshop can dare to design what you want, your imagination can fly at any number of places, simply edit an image, for some people the use of this program has been so effective that it is one of the most recommended adobe programs.

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