Deleting Images Or Pin Boards Pinterest -Easy And Fast

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The network has brought a variety of highly innovative sites designed for creative people but also for people who like to share its ideas, projects, and developing them in various fields. Today one of these platforms very good wit is Pinterest, in it can get great ideas to create also see practically anything.

If you have not yet joined this platform and want to create an account on the social network Spanish Pinteres invite you to do so quickly and easily.

Within this great site can upload images or videos to Pinteres with link to your web from the cell , photos, etc, ie Pinteres is like a showcase of many things to see that you get online, then share in this social network.

Deleting Images or pin boards on Pinterest -Easy and fast

Here in options there are options to create pin boards purpose is to publicize a product or any interesting ideas that culminates in a good project,

can save or download images from Pinteres from the phone or PC . The Pin we define it as a image added to Pinterest from a website or from your PC. Then with many pin a board is created in this can add things that are related such as everything that has to do with technology or interior decoration.

The huge amount of images that keeps Pinterest makes us see the variety of topics ranging from food, work, decoration, fashion, sports, cars, technology, funny pictures, etc.

Obviously there are things that we know of Pinterest, How to organize pin? or How to remove images or pin boards? And some other things. From the official website Pinterest where there is also other related information.

Pinterest board PC

How to organize and create pins?

The pins as mentioned above are images or videos when we want to collect these different images can be grouped together by category or all alike.

A the grouping formed a board creation is very simple place yourself toolbar is at the top of Pinterest, click Create then write a name board, plus a category.

You begin to save pins there as category or name you assign, you can also create what you want and organize your pin. It’s easy to do using the suggestions given here.

How to delete a Pin Pinterest boards?

When you were the creator of a Pin or a board you can easily remove, just to be sure because it can not be restored after being deleted.

It is also possible that you edit the dashboard of a pin that you created yourself, even the description can change it. The simplest way is the following.

Step 1

You get the PIN is spacious for a better view.

Step 2

Then you go to the icon is like a pencil.

Step 3

There can edit the dash board or sub Pin header you press save and stay the save. Now place yourself delete the item, what pressing to delete the Pin you want.

In this way remove pin boards easy, practical to do.

Inside Pinterest There are a variety of functions that you can use to expand people you follow, but besides that you can also do other things.

white edit window pin

What is a Repin? How is it done?

For example you can Repin , this is to place an image of another user on your own board, of course preserving the source of the photo.

With the small pin you place the mouse arrow or mouse clicking Repin, then place yourself on board, you can also edit. So easy is repinea.

Pinterest has grown slowly in this, but we are not surprising with so many variety of images which has also allowed us to do many things on your platform.

Here we have seen how to handle some of its functions to get more out on this platform, we implement these suggestions.

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