How Long Can The Ps4 In Idle Mode Without Problems?

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Read PS4 is probably a good thing that many would like them so you can appreciate the graphics of the latest games. Not to mention the catalog of games that gave a lot of precious stones, you can enjoy and such as HDR Pro PS4 Slim 4K .

Surely it happened to you that downloading a game or rest after a game and suddenly your PS4 starts making strange noises. Maybe you wonder if it’s good standing so long time or if you want to know how long you can be good without affecting the machine.

Well, you are not the only question is if there is no direct statement from Sony to respect if we can give you clues that will tell you how long you can be like that.

So, read our article and maybe even learn a thing or two on your PS4 console, if so, will be done our job. So read carefully so that you can know How long can your PS4 in standby mode without affecting the console .

What is standby mode?


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First, What is standby mode? Well, if you do not know in standby mode is a function of the console which makes the screen goes blank and the PS4 consume very little energy. This lets you do the console have not used in a long period off and you can use it at any time without problem.

This is very useful if you need to download a game or have to stop playing, but want to have pinned the drop when you get back to your games. Enabling this parameter is very simple you just have to go to the “Settings” function, then “Set Power Save” and set the ” sleep mode”.

So if you did not put all permits can program actions you can perform in this manner. Knowing this will allow us to have a broader framework for understanding what this mode and give us an idea of ​​how long it may be.

How long can you have standby PS4?


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As we said above Sony has not released an official statement How long can the PS4 standby. However, we can have any idea if we analyze feedback from users of this console and experience.

Many experienced players used their PS4 continuously without rest for days and tell them PS4 is smooth. There are also people who say that when they have their PS4 in standby mode for a long time starts making strange noises or reheated the console. There are even PS4 not give Ignite or video .

Standby a PS4 is a mode that saves power by turning off the functions devitalized from the system console. So if your PS4 is unlikely to suffer any damage because the system is virtually protected.

However, it is also true that it is not good to have equipment all a lot of time because they can fail. Even phones that are supposed to be at all times because they are triggered at some point in their lives.

So if you want your console has many years of useful life should be paid from time to time to rest and if it starts to overheat or make noise. Always try to be balanced and caring of your console and one way to do is turn off if you will not be using at that time.

If you do not know how to turn on and off well should investigate compliance so you can take better care of your PS4. Following these insurance tips will be no problem and your console will last for many years to enjoy it.

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