How To Format The External Hard Drive Easily Ps4?

 console command PS4

Many people decide to learn how to format the external hard drive PS4 to reduce maintenance costs. In addition, there is a procedure fairly simple and easy to apply if you know all the steps.

This update of the software are owned by the 4.5 on the PS4 system , it has several tips to give you some configurations. The first is shaping the console.

Before you begin, it is important to know the type of hard drive, whether traditional or PS4 PS4 Pro observe their appearance and if you do not have a suitable system.

PS4 hard drives not only serve you to save games games and games may also be used to store music, so movies and photos and the ability to watch them whenever you want.

What are the requirements for hard disks in PS4

The first step in any change in the operating system is the set of attributes of the hard disk drive, the following:

  • The connection cable is mandatory by USB cables 3. 0. In addition, storage must be 250 GB -. 8 TB max
  • To assess the past warranty period for those with better materials will have a longer period of time,
  • are recommended.

  • It is very important to define the hard disk specifications are distinctly original, namely that are compatible with the console.

If you want to change the hard drive of your PS4 it is important to acquire the specifications mentioned above – and avoid problems when playing.

step by step guide to format the external hard drive PS4

Most of these devices are formatted at the source or when they are sold secondhand. The most common models are HFS, NTFS, and exFAT , however, the models to format the external hard drive PS4 must go through the following steps:

PS4 storage system

Enter configuration panel

The first step is to turn on the console and wait for the boot image appears, once this step will take place to locate the “Settings”, to press it. Then head to the camera menu to select “ USB storage device “.

Adjust the hard disk of the console

To do this, a new list of values ​​will be displayed, but the user must select your own hard drive. Then select the option that says “ Remote Storage Format “.

external hard drive format PS4

Before starting the cleaning procedure displays a series of warning to accept the deletion of orders in the disk. Finally, press the “OK.”

It is very important that before formatting, a backup is created to store all console items. It is also important to remember that once completed the process, just to serve to save games, documents or images .

shaping Confirmation test and the console

Finally, external hard drive PS4 Format is really simple, just waiting for the confirmation message or a green light on the object. This review also serves to define the primary storage location.

If the size of the hard disk of your PS4 console you removed the data did not want to remove, do not worry there is a way to recover deleted files


 display PS4

You can install games and applications on the external hard drive PS4

To access this feature, you must format the PS4 mandatory external hard drive to configure the storage location. Must perform the following steps:

  • Start the console and expect it reflects your home screen, then locate and select the menu button “Set” at the top of the screen.
  • Now you need to go to the “Storage” and select the default value for a download location. Ideally, select the system console or an external hard drive.
  • After knowing who to choose, press the command called “Options” and select “ Application installation location “. Double-tap the name of the destination that should save.
  • Finally, go to the bottom of the screen and select the “OK” to save the changes to the system.

If you saved games on the hard drive of your game console also have the option to move on the external hard drive.

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