How To Get To The Playstation Network Store Or Another Ps4 Easily

 Use another PlayStation 4 to enter the PlayStation Store

PlayStation Network is a digital platform designed for all users of different consoles of PlayStation series like PS3, PS4 and PS Vita, can interact with each other. But you know how to enter the PlayStation Store network or another PS4 yours? In this article you will discover.

PlayStation Store allows users to connect via the Internet to one of these stations play; also allowing the ability to download games movie applications download PS4 and chat with other players. Obviously this connection is only possible if the user is registered on the platform ahead and sign in each time you want to join the gaming network.

To connect to the PlayStation Network system is necessary to define the user ID, in this case, a valid e – mail address and a password, you must enter each time you open a session, unless you decide to store data on the console to automatically connect.

How to enter the PlayStation Network from another PS4?

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As mentioned earlier, to enjoy the advantages of PlayStation Network or PSN network as it is commonly called, has launched a session every time you want to enter. But for this, you must first check your PSN account , a very simple process.

This is very easy if you enter our staff or regular console, which even can even find saved user data for a faster start. The problem arises when we want Go to our PSN account to another console PS4 that are not registered our data begins.

Enter the PlayStation Store on PS4

Especially when you can come drawback PS4 of the owner in which we saved log their data to automatically connect.

In these cases, the first thing you need to do is to disconnect from the usual user and able to start a new session with your own data. To close the current session, must do the following:

  • Step 1: Go to [Settings] & gt; [Account Manager] & gt; [Log]
  • .

  • Step 2: Hold the PS button to go fast, then you must select [Power] Menu & gt; [Exit PS4]
  • .

It is important to note that if step 1 is not executed correctly, the console restarts automatically reconnects with the regular user data.

When properly executed this procedure, after the restart of the game, we begin a new session with our PSN ID and password, as follows:

  • Step 1: Go to [Settings] & gt; [Account Manager] & gt; [Login]
  • .

  • Step 2: Enter our ID (email) for the start of the session and password and select [Confirm]
  • .

While it is easy to enter the PlayStation Store or network with other PS4 with the data from our own and enjoy all the benefits of the platform.

How to enter the PSN with another PS4 with 2-step verification?

Do not be victims of identity theft in our PSN account, the system has been developed checkpoint in two stages. This procedure involves a step beyond those listed above to connect from another PS4 console. Perhaps this is related to why can not connect PlayStation Network .

 Playing for PS4

This system requires the user to enter in addition to their ID (email) and password security code after asking. It is sent by text message to the account holder via a smartphone, and must be entered in the area to gain access gain.

By following these simple tips, you can log into your PSN account any other PS4 device to enjoy the benefits that accession to the flat – overall form provided by PlayStation Network for all the various consoles PlayStation users in range with Internet access.

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