How To Solve The Problem Of Ps4 When It Does Not Recognize The Command

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Like any electronic device, video game consoles are susceptible to faults and problems that can be solved very easily. Especially if these failures have to do with the controls on the PS4. And in the next tutorial we will instruct you to know as   solve the problem of PS4 when it does not recognize the command.

Solving the Problem of PS4 When not recognize the command

Those who have a PlayStation 4 know that the controls are connected to the console through Bluetooth ie are wireless. And they need   before use wirelessly, matched or synchronized . But when you’ve already done this and have time to use it can happen that the connection is lost and does not recognize the game console.

can be varied problems that prevent a command is not recognized by the PS4, but we’ll handle give possible solutions to this particular problem. These video game systems are very complex and you should run synchronously to avoid these failures and we do not go crazy trying to correct this situation and in any case can reset the PS4 .

How to solve the problem of PS4 when it does not recognize the command

The PS4 will not only work with controls that can be connected wirelessly, you can also use voice command and the developed are. What makes it an excellent alternative for family enjoyment. But to solve this particular problem will tell you what to do next.

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If you try to connect the controller with the cable nor recognize it, then do the following, first place must press the Share button and the PS button at the same time. This should allow the command to be recognized by the game console. If this does not solve anything, then try to USB cable change , because with the one you use regularly it can not detect.

Another possible solution to this problem is   go to the console Play Station 4 and press the power button until you hear two beeps. This is to enter Safe Mode PS4, you will be asked to connect the controller via the USB cable. Then you press the PS button, command   must respond and then must go to the restart of the PS4 and then press the X button.

If none of these solutions has made your command is recognized by the console, try this. Disconnected from the power source PS4 , this to get her out of sleep mode, wait at least up to one minute before re-plugging. Now press the button on the console until you hear two beeps and enter the safe mode and you perform the above steps again.

How to match or synchronize a wireless control of a PS4

If your command if it works with the USB cable, the problem may be in sync and you perform the following procedure, which is usually very simple. Once you have the cable connected to both the controller and the console PS4 . And are you being turned on pressing the PS button located on the remote.

An indicator to show you that your command is on is the LED light bar that is at the top of the command. Another thing you should consider is that your command has sufficient charge. Since have proven to work and has sufficient charge, you pay the console and desenchúfala mains.

 command PS4 problem

Now turn your control and on the back right looking for a hole and insert a paper clip and hold until you count to 10. Now reconnect everything again and turn on your console PS4 . This action must pair your command and should work perfectly. If not then you may have a fault your command.

In this way we come to the end of this short tutorial, we showed you the possible & nbsp solutions; the problem of PS4 when it does not recognize the command.  

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