Why Is My Ps4 Does Not Start Or Gives Video And How To Fix It?

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video game consoles have shown that they are built to last and withstand the demanding tasks, at least in the case of the PlayStation 4 . And so it is expected that at the present moment any failure or problem   and we do not know what to do. In the following article, we’ll discuss the Why my PS4 does not start or gives video and how to fix it?

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This is something that can cause an alarm, even if others are to a high or a key in the game, where we have invested many hours of our precious time. And I can say that it is very natural that happens and give you possible base solutions that can be applied to not lose time searching the Internet.

As you may know, our video game consoles are now more than that, and through them, you can connect to the Internet and get different applications. There are a variety   and it is good to know   what is the best App to download PS4 or PlayStation 4 . And we   watch movies, series, games, videos, photos and other events.

Why my PS4 does not start or gives video and how to solve it?

PlayStation 4 may have some defects that do not necessarily represent the death of our device, but   if we act as quickly as possible the fix. This may be the result of long hours you spent in front of your TV, without even bothering to give a break to the game console.

We will offer some recommendations easy to apply solvent some of the most common problems that can present the PS4. But it hurts never remember that you should not expose the days of larguísimas console. If at least occasionally turn it off or to to prevent overheating and can thus perform better.

What if my PlayStation 4 will not start or gives video

There is a known problem that is called the Blue Light of Death press the power button, a blue flashing light starts for a few seconds short. After that light from and you can not use the console. He also died, not as a conclusion and we can not use it.

The solution for this   problem, we’ll find it on TV and not on the game console, you can be updated. Updates the last   firmware, if not fixed, then try to test the console on another TV. You may also have problems HDMI cable or the console connectors or a television.

There is another possible solution to this problem in light of the death and the press and hold down the power button. This can be done for about 10 seconds until you hear a double beep. Who will then go into the so-called safe mode PS4 and here you can configure various aspects such as resolution of the display, perform updates.

You can also default settings, reset factory settings, rebuild the database, etc. If none of this works, you can have internal damage to the hard drive, then take Debas service.

If your PS4 cases simply not, or give the video does not show the power of a LED, try to verify that the cable supplying the electrical flow has no flaws. Unplug the console and try to connect to a different outlet if everything is correct verify that it is not very hot console if so should cool.

 PS4 switch

Sometimes it often happens that the gamepad has   out of sync   and this does not allow communication there with the console, to prevent the lights. Try connecting via USB cable to the console and-switch on. Here are some solutions that can be applied when   My PS4 does not start or gives video.

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