Recording A Ps4 Gameplay With My Voice And My Friends In Chat

Play Station.

The incredible popularity climb got video games in recent years, is a factor that does not go unnoticed in the world of commerce. And is that each time increasing the number of people who are attracted to try the experience of these amazing creations.

So, are much the number of users who want to become famous players. The problem is that some do not know the most fundamental principles , and for that reason does not know how to change things like the simplest configurations or a game console.

Today it is very common that most players choose to gameplay . This is a new activity, you people who do not yet know how to do this do not worry. Then we’ll tell you step by step how.

What is a video game console?

First, you should know that a game console is a device created with the main goal of play different types of games and titles . Which vary considerably depending on the company that was responsible for their creation.

Although this concept has changed somewhat in recent years, as is currently the consoles and not just focus on playing games, but we also provide access to the Internet social media , and even videos that play with flat – such as YouTube or Netflix.

What is PS4?

The PS4 or Play Station 4 is so far the last second console developed by the company Sony , whose successor is the Play Station 5. It is a real machine compared to consoles earlier because it has amazing features.

Among them we can mention 8GB RAM , 500GB hard drive you can be connected to the Internet medianteWi-Fi and among many other things. What we mean that this team can run the most demanding games and heavy out there on the market today, which are recognizable by their graphic.

What is a game and how to burn my PS4?

Record Gameplay

Today, there is a tendency regarding the gameplay, which record a game makes any user. And that usually attract attention in an incredible way by the public who are often the players.

Therefore, these consoles technologies should meet the need for easier gameplay record. Therefore in a PS4 can easily record simply by pressing the “Share” button twice to start recording, and once to end it.

How to register a PS4 gameplay with my voice and my friends chat?

 Save a PS4 Gameplay with my voice and friends

The amazing thing about the gameplay of the PS4, it is enabling a variety of tools, among which include voice recording , and even the voices of friends which’ll to play.

To enable this first option should connect the original combined console or other input to the command. Then we give you click the share control button , then click the “option” button

In the new interface, select ” sharing settings” and the second “Settings videoclip” , where it should be marked or enabled space He said ” audio include the microphone in the video”. And that our voice will be recorded.

For the voice of our friends need to have a group that will make private or free registration, give it a name and continue to click Create. Being in it, invite friends who want to play and their voices are automatically recorded in the game.

Thanks to this not only can enjoy the gameplay we do it alone, but we can also share the experiences we have with our friends. What is almost always better and more fun.

It should be noted that at present the possibility of recording increased gameplay and tools included. Because of this more and more people who understand this modality in their games.

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