How To Extend The Battery Life Of The Dualshock 4 Control Of The Ps4?


consoles like the PS4 are the best in technical quality that exists , however, not why are exempt from problems, such as the fact that its controls are easily downloaded. That’s just today’s tutorial, so you learn how to extend the battery life of the DualShock controller.

Although the PS4 is a success, Many fans have complained that the controls do not last than they should, that is, after about three hours of play or less already downloaded this it is serious because most gamers play the least 6 hours, but thanks to Sony is not stupid has no solution.

Take into account before proceeding, this tutorial is only tricks for battery control , will not help you solve any extra inconvenience (such as problema when the PS4 does not recognize the command ).

How to extend the battery life of the DualShock controller?

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Now that you learn how to extend the battery life of the control DualShock, have to do a number of tricks which are completely legal and can be performed natively on the Sony console.

The first of these, and perhaps the most important you can take the light bar to the control, to achieve, you have to go to the menu» settings», then «Devices», and finally» command and control «within the same must go to» brightness control «and set to the minimum specifications.

 PS4 DualShock control Wasted

With that and you will be all set. It is said that this trick increases up to 5% plus the battery life of your control, so it’s the first thing you do all those on the list.

Disable vibration and volume to extend the life

Two other very effective tricks to extend the battery life of the control DualShock are the remove the vibration and volume of the same. It is noteworthy that this may be counterproductive for experience some games, but it is necessary if you want to last over.

To remove vibration have to go to» settings», from there go to «Devices», then» controls», then to «Enable vibration» within this uncheck the box with the same name.

In the case of the volume, you must follow the same route to» controls», but getting to this option you have to choose » control volume» in the can section adjust the volume control, you must put it in the least.

Automatic Shutdown command

A major reason why the command of the PS4 does not last anything on is because this not lit follow console is turned off while , which is favorable in some cases and counterproductive in others.

To eliminate this drawback and extend the battery life of the control DualShock, must go to» settings» in this section go to » setting Power Saving».

 black PS4 original remote clasico

When you have done and you may notice that the default control appears to turn off the console, give the picture is right there and change the system to turn off at most 10 minutes.

Battery Pack Control

The last trick you can use to your command PS4 last longer is to buy batteries, these are officials Play but not made by Sony but the company Venom. These batteries will add up to 20 hours of use at your command. In case you do not want to buy them touch you then buy an extra charge of official store.

And ready, already know that you read everything you need. So you can now dedicate yourself to look for other things on the controls such as: how to use and connect the PS4 control of the PC.

Or, Look how connect, link and match with PS4 Remote Android , so you have the variety of controls that you want to use your & nbsp;.

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