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Tired of playing the same puzzle? Want to know what games like Pokemon Café mix it? If you are a fan of video games, a table or simply stick to entertain you here we’ll show you the latest and best games puzzle for fun.

what to other games such as Pokemon Mix coffee there? – Play Games Seemed

Pokemon Café Mix is ​​a href = “https://tdftips.com/descargar-instalar-pokemon-cafe-mix-gratis-pc-android-ios-switch/”> by Genius Sonority, on 23 June this year; which has a very special game mode, because contributes to the exercise of the brain , due to the concentration required to solve puzzles.

Pokemon Games like Café Mix

However, this is not the only digital board game in which you can have fun; like this, there are many other strategy games < strong> fantasy and imagination , either for fun or because they really like them. We present 4 similar games to Pokemon Mix Café.

Cut the Rope

This is a game where you have the power to a small candy Martian named Om Nom; This more than 450 levels , so if you do not like a game that will end quickly and also you can experience new adventures, this is the right game for you.

One of the most attractive things about this game is that we cut small chains that move from one place to another, to make candy each level reaches the mouth of the Martian; Moreover, we can be spiders that the guide wires that despite the elements that give the game difficulty , we are able to pass the level.

Roll the ball

This is a very fun game and with great difficulty, if you are someone that you like challenges, this game is you are looking for, try it will not be easy at the advance unless you of course, have an ingenious mind .

Roll the Ball must build a guide to puzzles for the ball to reach your destination, if you decide to try it, hope you have good luck with that, then quelques- some of those were played they able to reach the last level.

 ball game Exchange roller

Zenge and puzzles

In terms of puzzles, we realize that there are thousands of digital games, but Zenge is the best game you can find; This is to choose the best sequence to join one by one, all the pieces of the puzzle.

However, if for some reason a piece does not fit into the puzzle, you need to give several stages until all are properly assembled, here’s why we recommend that you analyze good location , and in your head arms sequence for more success, very lucky.

more games like Pokemon Café Mix Heroes Farm Saga

This is the game that most resembles the Pokemon Coffee type of mixture; however, it has different goals, as its purpose is to save a farm recover all cultures, and as will level the difficulty is there are many more.

So, if you like natural environments digital games is the most suitable for you; because they have lines Collect at least three vegetables and also like the other games like Candy Crush, movements are limited, so must calculate very well win .

 hero of the saga game farm

In this way, could meet the 4 games like Pokemon Mix Café. games for mobile phones and tablets Android and iOS devices. In addition, you could learn new ways to entertain and improve your mental ability . If you like, do not forget to share and leave us your comment, you think motivates us to give you the best information.

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