How To Start Playing Pokemon Café Mix In Switch, Pc, Android And Ios

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In this 2020 two Niantic and The Pokémon Company reinvented himself at the table, a new video game since its launch has been a trend in all social networks do you know what we mean? Pokemon Mix Café a puzzle video game that is here to stay and here we show you how to play Pokemon Cafe Mix on any device.

Pokémon Café Mix can perform different tricks and interact with the characters the most charismatic Pokemon Franchise   in a somewhat different way. Increasingly, they are   more   Users who join this fascinating world through another Devices , read this handy guide and learn what you need to know


How to start playing coffee Mix Pokémon Switch, PC, Android and iOS

How to install Pokémon Café Mix

First, we must tell you this fascinating game is designed only for Device key; Pokemon Café Mix on different devices. Despite them, here, I’ll show you a few tricks you can use to make the most of this adventure as your PC.

Install Pokemon Mix Café Nintendo Switch is very easy, just enter your Trusted Search for Nintendo, place name the search tab, then you will have to select the language and download the latest version, when completed, you can start the installation process.

Android and iOS is much simpler for these operating systems, just enter your installation default, Google Play   Store   for Android and app   store     iOS. The process is the same, tildar game icon, select the language and start downloading at the end, the installation process is automatic.

Everything changes when talking about PC Why? The answer is very simple, this game was created primarily for touch devices, our PC should not be supported with this game, it mean that all the   is   lost? Well, no, I will   &NBSP show, we will do in this case


To install the game on your PC, you just need to have a good emulator   Android   PC. After you install this tool, simply enter APKMirror   or other trusted download site; after downloading, you can simply move the file to your emulator , running and ready, so easy that you’ll Coffee Mix Pokemon on your PC.

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How to play Pokémon Café Mix

A play Pokemon Café Mix we become own cafeteria; where different species of Pokémon we ordered food and drinks we must prepare. The way to play Pokémon Café Mix is ​​very simple; you just have to set up some ingredients to overcome each mission and go level.

Con cada orden that Hagan estos singulares clients, tendremos participar in a rompecabezas allí tendremos that eliminar los items in Pokémon in the pantalla uniéndose uno con otro in a ring; including the attempt to collect items to prepare the order of our Pokeclientes.

In some cases, we can key objects Delete to move much faster in the game. If we do the job effectively, receive gold tassels that will help us improve our small restaurant, making it even more I luxurious.

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One way to progress faster in the game; It is Awards Daily , we’ll be there several commonly used items. Among other awards that we use to improve our coffee. To receive this award must log daily if performed 5 days after we receive a Pokemon as a reward.

We also receive additional gold tassels if we perform additional tasks; they are in the so-called card challenge. There must perform three tasks, if successfully completed, can receive a handful of gold tassels. However, this has a timer, you must wait to use.

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