When Does The App Pokemon Café Mix? What Is The Game Pokemon Café Mix?

 How to play Pokemon Mix Café

Pokémon Company is one of the video game developers and creators of the series, anime and manga most famous worldwide . It is also the most successful because it has valuable partnerships with game developers such as Nintendo, Game Freak, creatures. This article will tell you what is his new game Pokemon Mix Café .

Pokemon When you leave the Café Mix app? what about the game Pokemon Coffee Mix?

Pokémon has had great success in the field of game development for handheld, like the Gameboy nostalgic. But now they have decided to launch an animated series of drawn style that has proved quite accepted by people of all ages worldwide.

This is even with the passage of time, continue to have great presence in the world of video games . A good example is mobile Pokémon Café Mix. With the announcement of its launch, many are wondering when is it? What is the game?

When comes the App Pokemon Café Mix?

“The Pokémon Company” announced its launch January 27, 2020, during its special annual event online “Presents Pokémon. “ This is always exploited to discuss their upcoming releases, new version of data and bring together fans of new businesses.

However, the good news is that this application has already left , and is currently available in the Play Store. It was added to the ranks of downloadable applications from June 23 in North America and Japan, Europe and Australia was launched June 24 So you can download and install Pokemon Café Mix your Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch or PC.


What is the Café Mix Pokemon game?

For most of its games, Pokémon offered fights turn gameplay video and classic game mechanics. With this, we mean that allow to raise the level of our pockets monsters, cure, raise and train to fight them.

When it comes out Pokemon Mix Café

However, we can observe innovations in some of their games such as Pokémon Go, where you have to go outside to catch Pokémon. Or Pokémon Ranger, Pokémon where no level or struggle. Pokémon Café Mix is ​​another creation of the company rather changes the gameplay , offering a totally different experience.

The new app does not follow the dynamic RPG game that has been exploited in games for consoles. He is rather a free game in which you must solve puzzles, without fighting. advantage and start playing now on all your devices.

What is the history of the game?

The story is based on the player started having coffee with her companion, a Evee and must manage your business effective. The idea is to go more local, adding more space and useful items to attract more customers, whether pokemones or humans.

Another interesting mechanics is to be able to hire pokemones most emblematic of the series of animated drawings and original video games for this part of the in your coffee workers , which means that they become your teamwork also develops and improves as your business. Dare to discover all the secrets of this game for yourself.

What operating systems work Pokemon game Coffee Mix?

In general, the Pokémon games are available for portable consoles, as it has always been your marketing strategy and a portable console could play every game effectively.

 that is Pokemon Mix Café

However, this strategy has changed because the mobile can also provide an excellent experience to play what their abilities.

The new adventure that was brought to all the faithful of the franchise through Pokémon Company and Nintendo can be downloaded and is playable all devices OS Android iOS also note that if you own a Nintendo switch can also enjoy this release as downloadable content.

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Some users have submitted download Pokemon Mix coffee, but they are very easy to solve. So if you have an Android, iOS or Nintendo switching device and are a fan of Pokemon, you should try this game. Dare to add a different experience we get, but still quite useful.

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