Locking And Protecting A Powerpoint Presentation So You Do Not Modify

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Today we will see how to block and protect a PowerPoint presentation so you do not modify it. This way nobody will be able to edit your presentation and will be safe from anyone who wants to modify it. PowerPoint has many interesting options to make a presentation to Word .

How to Lock and Protect a PowerPoint presentation so you do not modify

But today, we will see a way to lock and protect a PowerPoint file so that nobody can modify it in any way. This way we can create presentations and be absolutely certain that nobody is exploited our work in any way possible.

This tutorial is quite simple and you will show three methods you can use to protect your work with this powerful program Microsoft. Follow this tutorial on the letter and quickly get block any presentation so that nobody can modify it in any way.

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How to block a PowerPoint

In order to achieve protect a PowerPoint presentation and thus prevent anyone from the change, so we must do is the following:

Let’s click on the button “ Office ” and then choose the “Prepare” option and “Mark as Final”.

Note that putting “ Mark as Final” we are communicating our PowerPoint presentation and be completed no need to have to continue editing anything.

What this does is disable the ability to edit the presentation and any write command.

You should be aware that once the presentation be marked as final, it will only be accessible in read mode. Which means that can not be edited.

One recommendation would be to keep a backup of the file before dialing final in a private folder in Google Drive, for example.

How to create the backup? Only you will have to select the file from Windows Explorer. Right click and choose “ Copy ” and then right-click on a blank space and choose “ Paste ” and a copy of the exact file is generated.

You can also do this by selecting the file with the left click. Pressing “Ctrl + C” then “ Ctrl + V ” would be the combinations or keyboard shortcuts Windows to copy and paste respectively.

How to Protect a PowerPoint

Another way to protect or block a presentation is by right-clicking on the PowerPoint file in Windows Explorer. After this you will have to choose “ Properties ” option and finally check the box for “Read only”.

The only problem with this method is that whatever I can do what I mentioned above can off that box . So it may not be one of the safest.

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How to Protect PowerPoint presentation password

You can also encrypt the file to the putting a password which thus does not have anyone who can view the same presentation.

For this simply press the button “ Office ” then go to “prepare” and select here “ Encrypt Document” . This paragraph will be asked to enter a password. Obviously you will not forget it, because, if so, can not access the file again. So it is best that you try create a secure and easy to remember password .

But as you can see There are several ways to block or protect a PowerPoint so that nobody can modify or edit in any way. All methods that you mentioned are very simple and should not take much time to implement them.

If you still have questions about is how to protect a PowerPoint , you can leave a little down in the comment box.

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