How To Turn The Mouse Pointer Into A Laser For Power Point Presentations

 symbol of windows and mouse pointer

Power Point offers unparalleled service for our presentations. Among the options offered by this office suite is Microsoft convert the mouse pointer into a laser to use the information as shown. Because on the stand in front of an auditorium full of people to have the information we got into Power Point, we want to do our best.

How can we make this work? Surely interest you to know. So you stand before an audience that will listen to you.

Power Point presentations Favored Tool

We have PowerPoint on your computer; This application has the main function create and customize multimedia presentations from slides we build.

We can start with a blank sheet, but are also available at our preconceived templates that can be downloaded , which provide us with a little work. As we do, there is the ability to customize information by adding transitions and animations.

 two laser pointers red and blue

After putting all this show and after using our fancy , we will have what might be called a masterpiece.

To present to our audience, you take an image viewer with which will charge more broadly and visibility information. Undoubtedly, there will be things we want to draw attention of the people; This is between playing laser pointer.

turns the mouse pointer into a laser to mark your slides

The office suite with its online version, built since 2010 transformation functionality the shape of the mouse cursor so that it is a laser pointer. Once we entered our Powerpoint and open document and the projected image, we use the function. We just need to keep “Control” (Ctrl) and then hold the left click.


We can move with this laser pointer mouse while maintaining the sustained buttons, for part of the image you want to focus on. This has always been an effective way to public attention this special part of our presentation. In the version of the keys, the cursor returns to its usual form, in general, is an arrowhead.

 image comparison before and after

If we want the public did not see the laser pointer, but the figure before moving to the place showing keep the key “ Ctrl “. This will allow the cursor is hidden and we will have a cleaner presentation. This tool can certainly us out of trouble if you forget a physical laser at the time.

Change colors of laser pointer

By default, the color laser pointer for Powerpoint presentations offer is red. This means that in a few slides with similar, it is not highly visible colors. But we can change to green or blue up in the “Slideshow” tab to display the “Settings”.

While there, press “ Slideshow settings ” and see the dialog box “Configure Show” where press “Options.” Being here, we choose the color you want to have the laser and we click.

Make the mouse pointer into a laser is not a complicated task for all Power Point presentations. This is a valuable and educational combined with the creativity you put your PowerPoint presentations will be greater impact for your beneficiaries. Hopefully you helped to learn how to apply this function to the realization of public presentations or exhibitions. Share this information with your knowledge.

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