How To Create An Animated Banner In Powerpoint Professionally?

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PowerPoint is one of the best tools available for creating presentations in the world. Already they know all this, yet they do not know is that it also serves to create other projects in their leaves are not necessarily slides. With that in mind You will learn how to create an animated banner in PowerPoint.

And no, it has not become anyone crazy, yes it is possible to create a banner in PowerPoint and even put animations (simple), then use it on any website without any problem (it should not surprise you, because in PowerPoint can even create a professional poster ). Best of all, is that the application although not precisely design, brings many tools that help in the process.

Create an animated banner in PowerPoint

As you read that it is possible to create the banner, then you should go straight to the point. But before you start explaining to create an animated banner in PowerPoint, note that this process is only an example to teach you the tools you can use (is recommended to look how to use the animation panel even if you do not know so you can understand what follows).

But first you have to open your program on the computer. Then, you must follow these steps: go to the tab above called “ Insert ” and there in the bar that appears below give the option called “ Forms “.

Choose the way you want (it is best to choose a rectangle, since   is a banner). When you have selected, click on your slide to extend it and create it (may be the diameter you want)

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Then again forms and this time select a line. Place two of these (thicker) at the side of the box vertically, so it is like a box with legs.

Next, take another line and place horizontally, below the box (it must be parallel thereto and touching the previous line).

That should stay a kind of rectangular box. To give the color you want, just select the “Shape Fill” , and if you want to edit then you must edges press “Shape Outline” (both appear a tightening elements of your work).

All this will take you to the main structure of the banner, so in the following steps you will see how to add text, images, among others.

Steps final edition (animation and editing)

Now that you know this, you’re one step closer to create an animated PowerPoint banner, so the next thing you see is like adding text and other items.

For the letters, go to “ Insert ” and then press on the “ WordArt “, choose the style you want and have that fits within the rectangle. For images the same, go to the same section and you search for an image that fits the banner.

With that ready, stand again on one of the items, and press right click, this will bring up a pop-up where you must choose “ design ” and then “Format Background” ,   There edit the color of the background.

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Finally, copy the master slide twice, then go to the “ animations ” tab and choose the one that best suits your style. which include each separate element can give a different animation, you only have to select the number that will appear above them and modify the animated effect.

At the end, check as I remain your banner giving F5, and then simply save your creation. With that you can create an animated banner and PowerPoint from 0.

If you do not want to use any tool to create rectangular structure, you can navigate to the “Page Setup”, here a picture appears to select the size of the slide, choose ” Banner “and then hit” OK “. Then re-edit it with the above steps, since only appear some design options.

Now go to your program and put to work. Remember complement this information by searching How to animate text one word at a time in PowerPoint? or how to simulate animate a character walking? , so that more can add professional effects to your banner.

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