How To Create Multilevel Lists And Convert Text To Smartart Graphics In Microsoft Powerpoint

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Over the years, they have provided PowerPoint millions of people the task of create an attractive presentation of the ideas they wish to communicate. A know how to insert SmartArt in PowerPoint will be much easier to get to that goal.

So if you want to convert a multilevel list or text in a SmartArt graphic in PowePoint, this article will explain how. We also teach you to add images to your graphics with them so still more attractive visualemente . But first, we will explain a little what SmartArt.

What is SmartArt?

This is a feature that integrate several programs Microsoft Office Suite, including PowerPoint. It was introduced to the list of tools from the 2007 version of this Suite. Easily and quickly, it allows the user to communicate an idea through the visual representation of information , in a way different from the text.

This tool has a lot of designs and graphic styles that will help you convey your message or ideas effectively and convincingly. We can help make lists and sophisticated designs easily, and may even make a creative conceptual map with PowerPoint the same.

 SmartArt design in powerpoint

Over the years, SmartArt has improved version after version. Today, it is much more compatible and stable than before. In addition, have been expanding the styles and designs of gráficos.Claro, to use it, it is necessary that you achieve download and install Microsoft Office with its famous tool. PowerPoint

How to convert a multilevel list or text in a SmartArt graphics in PowerPoint

To do this, follow these simple steps:

  1. Choose the part of the text you want to become a graphic . Shading can do all content using the cursor or by double-clicking the text box in question.
  2. Click “Start”, located in the menu at the top of PowerPoint. Alí a time, select the “ Covertir to SmartArt ‘, located in the” Paragraph “section.
  3. option

  4. Select the SmartArt graphic you prefer. If so, the tool will automatically detect the levels of the list and separated into different sections.
  5. SmartArt has a lot of graphics available. In order to achieve the best results, Note what the purpose of your presentation : to inform, describe, list, etc. Accordingly, select the chart that best suits the needs and objectives of your presentation.

    On the other hand, each graphic element can be changed. Thus, if the situation warrants, you can raise or lower level, change the shape and colors of the item, redistributing the pictures, add shapes and alter many other parameters.

    Now if you want your presentation even more shocking, add images is one of the best methods to achieve it. And SmartArt graphics PowerPoint allow you to do it.

    Adding images to a SmartArt graphics in PowerPoint

    To do this follow these simple steps:

    1. Select the list or the text you want to convert.
    2. In “Start”, select “ SmartArt Covertir ” and then “ More SmartArt graphics .”
    3. Once inside the drop-down menu, click the “Image” section. All items found here are designed to house an image.
    4. Select the graphic you want and click “ OK “. The tool will adapt the text you have selected the chart you selected.
    5. To add an image to the item, click on the image icon. Then find the item you want to add and select it.
    6. Finally, click “Insert”.
    7.  SmartArt options in powerpoint

      Depending on the features of the text and the SmartArt graphic, you can add the number of images you want. We recommend choosing carefully the visual elements that will add to your presentation. Even if you will use free Microsoft Office online with PowerPoint, we assure you that no would have trouble achieving it.

      The main objective is that the images complement text, not that overshadow or even less distracting to your interlocutor. If you consider this and other recommendations will achieve that the list you’ve designed is visually attractive.

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