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Undoubtedly, PowerPoint is one of the best tools for creating slide shows and no matter how much time passes, does not cease to be the best program for presentations with schematized text , presentations animated in which can include text, images, sounds and more, and also it is possible to change the design of a slide.

How to Hyperlink in Power Point Towards a web Page

It is also important to know that this can be used online free like everything to the Office.

This program allows users to do a number of things and every stay creation with a personal touch and professional. Offers a number of tools, among which stands out, insert hyperlinks.

This being a very important role, as we can link up to web pages , jump to another slide in the same document, turn to another document and even link an e-mail.

Now, surely you’re wondering how can I do this? fortunately is a very simple process that will not take long. Then we will explain step by step how it is done, so you do not miss any details.

What it is PowerPoint and what are its characteristics?

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As emphasized from the start PowerPoint is a program developed by Microsoft, which allows users to create different presentations as slides, which they can be saved on USB . Among which you can add text, hyperlinks, images, music and animations.

In this way people can design any presentation dynamically , fun and personalized. Since the aim is that people themselves create their slides according to your taste. Thus, you can add any animation, photographs, effects and more.

This tool has great importance to education , as it usually is used in different colleges or universities, but it is also widely used in the business field . Note that this program is part of the Microsoft package.

Similarly, PowerPoint increasingly improve its platform, with options to add different in order to further customize any presentation. For example, offers us a very useful feature and allows you to add hyperlinks.

What hyperlinks can add PowerPoint?

Through Hyperlinks function, you can perform a number of actions, among which we have:

  • Hyperlink to a website : We ran to the page you wish
  • .

  • Hyperlink to another slide in the same document: You can link a slide of the same document you are creating
  • .

  • Hyperlink to another document : For example Word, Excel, etc.
  • .

  • Hyperlink to an email: In this aspect, you can link an element to direct you to the desired email
  • .

  • Hyperlink to a new document: This means you can add a link to direct you to a new document you are creating or have already created
  • .

How to add a hyperlink in PowerPoint to a web page?

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To link a PowerPoint presentation, you must do the following:

  • Select the item to which you will add the hyperlink. Ie you can select a text, picture or whatever you want. At the moment you click on that item should lead us to the website that we add you.
  • Then, click right click above the item and select the option hyperlink .
  • Next, a bar appears on the left hand, which should mark the “File or website existing”
  • Then add the site in question, in the space of “Address”
  • Finally click OK
  • Thus the hyperlink has been placed correctly every time you click on the selected item, immediately take him to that address or website.

Basically this is an easy feature to implement but provides a great utility, with which you can go to any website from your PowerPoint presentations.

Finally hope this article has helped him help. However we like to know your opinion Do you think the role of hyperlinks in PowerPoint is useful? has been able to link your PowerPoint presentations with a website? Leave your answers in the comments.

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