Making An Advanced Mirror Image Effect In Powerpoint

 image mirror Microsoft PowerPoint

At first PowerPoint is a Microsoft computer program, which can make presentations and create image effects . They can be professional quality slide , diapositivas sketched animations or text.

PowerPoint one of the best tools available desktop , it is also considered a great time to help the work. This tool is used to assist in the development of presentations and exhibitions.

In addition, more than 30 million users make presentations per day with this program, so Microsoft said the company. Since by it, you can create tutorials, photo albums, play games – questionnaires conceptual maps among others.

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In addition, the program six effects default so that users can apply them in their editions. These include the mirror tool.

How to apply a mirror effect to your images with PowerPoint?

 Display Power point, apple picture

The function of the mirror tool is inverting the selected image and reflect as a mirror. This technique can capture the public’s attention to the image.

First, you must open the PowerPoint program and click «insert» and «image» . It is recommended that the selected image contains a good definition and preferably the background is white. Then you need to remove the background image with «Background Remove» .

Then you need to click on the ‘format’ Image tool, in turn, you need to click » color» «Transparent Color» . It should also be on the left, click the blank area.

It should also select the image and give a left-click on it and copy it into a new layer to this simultaneously press the «Ctrl» and «C» . Then, paste, this step is performed by pressing ‘Ctrl’ and ‘V’ .

Then you have to rotate the image vertically, the same is obtained by clicking on «Rotate» and «Flip Vertical» . Finally, the resources should be used to place the mirror image just below the original image.

It also must create a «transparency effect» for the object to be returned, so first you need to insert a rectangle. For   It must click on the left side of the image medium.

Also, do not drop the selection while sliding diagonally, and finally must release the mouse click.

Continued implementation of the mirror

 woman, mirror effect

Then you need to right click on the box to insert «form» format and select «fill» and turn «I degraded» to be linear with a 90 degree angle.

Then you have to place objects on the top edge of the rectangle with the gradient. It is also necessary to add the shadow effect to items found on high.

To do this, you must insert a «form» Oval and give the «fill» and select » solid fill» you need to select the color black. In turn should give you a 6% transparency on the delimiter.

must remove the line contour and smooth the ellipse, to achieve this, we need to select » soft edges and illuminated» must be at a value of 50 points, then you need to close the.

It is important to reduce the size of the shadow, so you must select the resize and drag inward to reduce. Then you need to put this shadow behind the image and this step is to click on «format» and » sending back» .

Finally, the application of all these steps will be a mirror image effect of advanced, including the shadow point at the junction of the original image with the copy that is a reflection.

Finally, we hope this article has allowed him to help. However, we like to know your opinión¿Ha able to make a mirror image Advanced PowerPoint? Do you know another method to perform these actions? Leave your answers in the comments.

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