How To Download And Add More Templates To Power Point -Easy And Fast

Various models of templates to download

Do not settle for the default PowerPoint templates. We will help you download and add more templates to PowerPoint, to make your work look attractive and stand out. PowerPoint it is a powerful tool that allows you to present slide show briefly what we mean. Read on and discover how to get the juice to this program.

How to download and add more templates PowerPoint -Easy and Fast

Benefits to add more templates to Power Point

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It provides a qualitative value and present your work or ideas you want to present. The built designs become effective visual tool. You can also choose to create and save your own template PowerPoint. Best of all is that we saves time for the availability of a format ready for use, they are also flexible because it allows customizing.

And depending on our goals, given a professional style and attractive. A then observed how easy it is.

basically selecting templates both hands on the monitor and on the front logo power point

Before you download and add templates

There are web pages that help us find the best Power Point templates to the They downloading stored directly .pptx extension. well being, no problem, because they are ready for use.

But there are other websites that lower compressed form file with the extension .zip; but do not worry, neither is problem with the software WinRar to uncompress generate the desired template. Otherwise, you can use other programs to open href=»»> .

Although there is a vast universe of websites where you can download them, we suggest 2 that have seemed to have variety and above all, are free.

The first it is, since you walk and has several templates, if they are not to your liking you can go to the categories for you to select according to your needs. We have noticed that the template is downloaded directly as .pptx

The second web is Located in a part of the free templates , has so far seven full web pages full Power Point formats at no cost, which is important and what makes it more attractive. It has a very intuitive and easy to use interface.

Templates compressed discharged, in this case just choose the file, you click on the right button on the mouse and touch remove or extract here here and ready, the program does the rest


window displays several power point template designs

More Power Point templates

  • You open the program Family Microsoft Office.
  • A to see the blank slide, touch the Layout.
  • You’ll see the default templates deployed, horizontally. Touch the arrow direction down to expand, showing more formats.
  • Then you go to Find Topics . And enter
  • a window that says or thematic paper

  • Choose topic appears.
  • Find the folder where you downloaded your templates and choose the format. Design immediately incorporated into the blank slide. If you want to try other designs again click on Find Topics and repeat the steps. You see how easy it is? As you insert new template dispositive be engaging.

One thing to keep in mind is that the close the program and open it again, notice the design where the formats, templates still see defects is compiled. And surely you ask, do I have to perform the steps again? It is not necessary.

We’ll give you tips, when you select the template you wish, before closing Power Point, tap the arrow to see all the formats and press Save current theme to the window reflected one you put the name you want to give your template and ready. That way, when you open the program can have the design at hand.

Well, at this point you already have the knowledge to download and add more templates and Power Point presentations stand out with exclusive. As you become familiar with the software you will discover other tools as converting a video presentation and can give Unleash your creativity. We hope you have been helpful information and can leave us your opinion.

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