How To Make A Good Collage Of Photos With Music In Powerpoint Step By Step

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We always highlight the great tools available in your office suite Microsoft Office . During presentations at school, college or the work we use PowerPoint. We understand that this program has many features that are unknown to you, we teach how to make a good photo collage with music to PowerPoint step by step.

images powerpoint

These collage or mosaic of images that can be done in PowerPoint, usually impressive, but can save time. Especially if you try to manually insert each image.

So you show expeditiously to accomplish this without sacrificing quality if it means finishing.

When we use this tool with the clear understanding of what we do, we can make slideshows simply outstanding.

For this reason, we have given the task to instruct you in everything related to PowerPoint. So you learn to use its various options such as   put animations and transitions to slides so easy.

How to make good photo collage with music to PowerPoint step

  make a nice collage with music in PowerPoint , you must first choose the images we use. This is done as follows, we go to PowerPoint, and we will open an empty file. Then, in the main menu, we will select the Insert tab, then choose the images.

Now find all the images you’ve added to your collage if you are in one folder, use keyboard shortcuts to select all the photos. To do this, you must press Ctrl + A to go now in the top menu and click on tabs imaging tool.

Now, click Image Design, this action will allow the program to resize and crop images you’ve chosen and positioned on the blank page.

Creating a collage of photographs and add music

Once you have selected the photos and have everything organized in our spreadsheet, we will choose the design of our collage. The first step is to choose the side of the design side, then use the keyboard shortcuts and press Ctrl + Shift + G again, press twice for the graphic   Dissociate.

must then press Ctrl + V, this action will hit the forums you have chosen for your mosaic. To turn detailed images zoom, roll the cursor and hold down the Ctrl key, you can set all images have an overview. The next step is to go to the top menu and select the drawing tool.

Here you choose the outline shape, then choose No Outline now so you can see how it is running the first line of the press bonding Shift + F5 key.

continue to work and now press Ctrl + D to continue to add photos. The next step is to press Ctrl + A to select all the photos.

The following is press Ctrl + X to cut and paste pictures, then press Ctrl + v keys and select Paste as picture.

This last action convert this photo collage in an image . Now you can resize the image to fit your worksheet. To use the end key combination Shift + F5.

Now, to add music to your photo collage should do the following we head to the main menu and select the Insert tab.

Then you select on my PC, locate and select the audio file and then click Insert. Now the slideshow and the audio icon to select the Playback tab.

Photos music powerpoint

And here choose the play option in the background once you start to drag the audio playback start automatically. So this way we learned how to make a good photo collage with music to PowerPoint step by step.

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