How To Convert A Pdf File To Powerpoint Without Free Programs

 convert pdf files and power point

You can modify the format of a PDF file to PDT many ways. On this day we’ll have how to convert a PDF file to PowerPoint without programs and free.

Make a PDF files into editable PowerPoint either a .ppt or .pptx extension You may start a new project will facilitate sexism saving time. If you want to know how do read this tutorial, I will explain step by step so you can save PowerPoint presentations as PDF .

How to Convert a PDF to PowerPoint No Free software

How to convert a PDF file to PowerPoint without programs

Create and save your presentation is simple. So you can online and free without the need to download third-party applications . You can do it anytime, you just need an internet connection strong and stable.

It is not necessary that you comply with simple images on slides. can convert PowerPoint files to PDF in a few steps.

It is a way to format a document investing less time. This method includes bullets, tables, objects and even master designs.

You do not need you to convert the entire document. You can select all or part of the information contained in the PDF file to perform the conversion process without worrying about conversion errors.

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There are many websites that allow you to convert the format of the file you are free , although admittedly has a limited amount. If you have many files you have to change the format, we recommend using some version Prémium and even Logres convert a Power Point video.

The Premium versions no limit in terms of number of documents to be processed, so if you work with office programs re recommend that you spend some money on subscriptions. The costs of these are not very high.

How to convert a PDF file to PPT or PPTX in a few steps

Enter from your browser and choose some of the sites that allow you to convert online . We recommend Acrobat DC. The conversion process is very instinctive and easy to use.

With it you can create a PPT from any file, such as images, scans, websites or even Microsoft Office files. You can also edit directly in the PDF to recycle content without the need to re-enter information, insert pictures or update and modify tables.

With this site you can also access PDF files to be opened again from where you left off. Once inside, please login. In case you’re still not user you must create a profile to convert a file and save PowerPoint presentations as PDF.

Now you must open the PDF file you want to convert from the Browse field file in the right pane in the center of the screen.

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Then you select Microsoft PowerPoint to convert the PDF file to a PPT or PPTX format. already selected scan format for conversion, you must click Browse


In case your PDF file has digitized text, if you are using Acrobat, text recognition automatically without the need for the need to select manually run.

The following will save the file as new. Will ask that you add a name to the file so that you can identify more easily, or you can either place him the same name as the original file, ie the PDF document.

Select a destination on your computer or mobile device to download and click on Save. Finally, we remind you that if you wish, you can convert PDF to PowerPoint with AceThinker .

This way you will have convert your PDF file to PPT PPTX or Power Point quickly and easily. If you have any questions to respect you leave us your comment so we can help you solve it.

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