How To Change And Correct The Color Of A Video In Premiere Easily

The parameters related to change and correct the color of a video are intended to improve production to third parties to show the parties. What is generally desirable to have the right look and be professional.

The company Adobe has undertaken to cover all areas related to this problem is, so does the video section can be neglected.

This is when an Adobe software Premiere designed to improve everything about  . content area audiovisual and multimedia

Thanks to this, acquires the recognition of being one of the best programs and the most popular. But if you do complicated color matching, this article to learn how.

What you need to know about the effects to correct the color of a video?

This is one of the more general issues related to changes in a video. Provided that all relate to the color and degree of illumination image or concentrate images.

Everything is because these settings are the main indicators for a perfect result, especially when assigned the correct perception of the content.

 color correcting video effects

One of the most useful tools that keeps Premiere is the ability to split the screen and play two simultaneous video and generate a double window for a comparison between changes, during or after the selection of settings to correct the color of a video.

Another advantage of this program is high each of these effects are certified quality , which can be programmed via a control panel.

The main effects of Adobe Premiere to correct the color of a video

Before making the changes you want on the video, many professionals recommend making sure Use a screen that is calibrated correctly . So that there is no distortion while collecting.

Similarly, it is also ideal for use each effect with respect to deadlines. So you can set each of the changes correctly. So to start correcting the color of a video that necessary commands effects access panel , in which the color section.

After entering the period of copy to make the necessary settings, you can choose to use one of the functions obtained by the following effects:

Tonal Definition

This option is responsible for changes set around areas that are covered by the shadows , or those that deserve to be highlighted by the value of a tone.

Correction of secondary colors

To play directly with aspects of colors, you can press the triangle icon to access the control panel for this purpose. With this feature, can edit the degree of exposure that has a specific range of colors .

 Adobe Premiere effects to color correct a video

Whether to define a unique color or group to which the adjustment is made, the pipette is used to define correctly.

Options to adjust the lighting color

An important aspect of time to correct the color of a video, the degree of color lighting itself receives . As it can be modified in various ways:

  • The main option is the effects of the curve. Where you can change for clicks that are made with the computer mouse the degree of wave.
  • On the other hand, can also be upgraded by Color Settings Black , gray and white, the rapid correction of color or brightness correction.

Among the figures available in Adobe Premiere effects could make an infinite number of items to include everyone. For saturation and the dominant color is also included in this area. If given the case, your final video has a lot of weight, it is also possible reduce Premiere .

However, with only handle the necessary aspects in your video can achieve professional results and high quality you expect to show the world. It is that simple change and correct the color of a video in Adobe Premiere.

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