Learning To Edit Video In Premiere Pro Cc In Spanish – Very Easy

Today, we will see learn to edit video in Premiere Pro CC Spanish in a fairly simple and above all fast. Obviously we can not tell you all you need to know to learn to edit video in Premiere Pro. This gives rise to a fairly comprehensive course on the issue, even if the use of the program is not complicated at all.

You can do several things with this great bet for Adobe video editing. there are even different alternatives if you do not do as the whole program or does not comply with your expectations.

 edition premiere pro cc


Once you get used work with Premiere Pro is something too simple, convenient and above all fast that will give excellent results when editing any video or family or professional.

So let’s look at this little guide for beginners the basics you need to learn how to edit videos with Premiere Pro CC in Spanish in the simplest possible.

How to use Premiere Pro to edit video with ease CC

  • Just open the program, you will see that you have the option to create a new project to open a new right side and appreciate everything you’ve recently opened.
  • If you want to open a recent but not once project listed – below, then all you have to do is use the top right search function.
  • It is strongly advised to keep all the files you will use the same folder . The ideal is divided by the subfolders. But everything should be in a to improve the organization and never lose these files. Because without them, we could not keep your edition.
  • It all started the program four sections have very different and each plays a different role. What is at the top left would become the original paragraph. In this, we see the files you add to the project as the original video, photos, audio , etc.
  • In the program window that is at the top right, we can see an overview of all the work we do.
  • In the lower left part of the project where we can import all files you want to add.
  • From the lower right side is the calendar that is where we basically have to change the video in addition absolutely everything in it. From the source files to the effects, cuts, etc.

How to edit videos with Premiere Pro CC

Something very positive that Premiere Pro CC is able to integrate seamlessly with all applications Premiere Adoble CC . This way you can enjoy all the editing programs as currently the most advanced. After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, hearing prelude

You can also use Adobe on your phone or tablet from the Adobe Premiere capping application can on different projects. Ideal for when you can not be near the computer or if you want to make a quick edit of a video.

 center image editing pr

No one can deny that at one time or another at program meets a slightly chaotic interface. However, when you have a little patience and you start paying attention, you will see that all the most important features are the naked eye.

Something that gives you a fairly intuitive interface and easy to use, especially for those taking their first steps.

can do something that you can imagine. So much so that even can edit video up to 8K , but to do this you will need a powerful computer too, but the option is there.

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