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Today, at online work, the chance to have current technology. Computers and other devices allow us to perform our work easier and faster.

It really changed our perception of work completely, to the point of even invites us to make a cleaner presentation and professional. This includes not only the words Documents or PC, but also perform inventory, editing, advertising and create a web page like a pro.

Of course, with technology, the sky is the limit to Work Refers only need enough creativity. Now when we talk about technology and labor, there is something that needs to be mentioned: presentations

What you study in a School , you are a teacher or get ready for your next meeting in the company, the most likely’re thinking about your next presentation.

A is an accumulation of information organized so that it can be exposed and used as support material for a good presentation or demonstration, is still extremely important tool for many people with the need for presentation as such.

In addition to this, many people tend to use PowerPoint as the favorite program to make these presentations. However, many people tend to stay a little short with this program in terms of aesthetics or overall presentation is concerned.

This caused many people to look for alternatives to the ordinary regime of PowerPoint, which can be more elegant and dynamic. And, thankfully, the answer came easily to use and totally free: Prezi


Prezi presentation

What is Prezi?

As such, Prezi is a program that is dedicated to the creation and Share different presentations made by the user. The way you can make presentations in Prezi is quite innovative, to the point where it is very unique and elegant to see.

In turn, Prezi is as a program Freemium: , that is, even if you have the opportunity to be able to use a free map , Prezi also offers different payment plans which are suitable for students, teachers, businesses and others.

In addition, the free version of Prezi have access to all databases to make a presentation. Although it has the limitation that can not be used offline or perform certain actions, you can always count on to give a Prezi presentation.

Also note that you can make presentations Prezi both on its website and in the desktop application.

 prezi tools

Creating an account and managing a profile on Prezi

Using Prezi, or at least keep on hand as an option, it is always a good idea; why not create an account there? Is this is fairly easy. In order to have an account, all you have to do is follow Queh the following tutorial:

  • First, begins to enter the official website of Prezi.
  • Once inside, you will see in the upper right corner a blue button that says “ Start “. Click on it.
  • On your screen, all the plans that are available for users of Prezi. But if you want a free subscription, you must click on the option top “ Basic ” and then click on the free plan.
  • The rest is pretty simple, just fill in the fields with your email, name and ready.
  • All you can do is manage your Prezi account. In the ‘ Dashboard “that is closest to your Prezi profile will see all Video , you have there, as well as presentations and other content that can be shared on your social networks if you create a link to your profile.

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