How To Import A Word Document Text In A Document Publisher

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Need to pass a text document to a Publisher document but do not know how? If you are not familiar with office programs, tasks like this can seem a bit difficult, and much more if you need is change the language of Microsoft Word from English to Spanish, but quiet, we are to guide you with our items and thus knowing how to manage programs on your computer .

So keep this small guide and form that can easily learn how to import a text Publisher.

How to import a text document into a Publisher document?

There are different ways to paste text in Publisher, because everything will depend on the amount of text you want to copy and of course you want to do with it later.

Copy and paste the selected text or graphic

The first thing to do to achieve this procedure is open the text file or graphic you want to import. Now you must select the text and right click on it and then click Copy. can even convert and export files in Publisher high resolution graphics.

Now open the publication where you want to import the text or graphic and the right mouse button and place where you want the text click Paste. You will see your new pasted text box on the Post .

The same text font format will you have in the publication, or you can just show an options button where you can add the format you prefer. Can make the match with the combination of source formats publishing or maintaining source formatting.

You must remember that copying a chart or Publisher file a bitmap is copied that can not be changed in the application. But if you do not have it can get in official website.

Import a Word document

If you have a text document in Word and you need add a graphic valiéndote Tools Publisher or convert any reports you already have in Word in a publication that you can customize to your liking or even customizing as other business publications, you’ll be pleased to know that is very simple.

Getting convert a Microsoft Office Word document into a publication is fairly easy. You simply choose which will be the design of your publication and then find the Word file you are converting. Similarly can convert a file or Word document from OneNote to easily

After this, the first thing you do is log on to Publisher . Locates the Publication Types list and click on Import Word documents.

This option can be found in different windows depending on the version of Publisher. For example in versions of the 2013 and 2016 must click integrated. In 2010 you search more templates. In 2007 popular types of publications.

Now you must click on the design do you prefer and then click and create. Later in the document import Word section locates the file you want to import click and then press OK.

It is important that you check the publication information to make sure there are no errors and you can save the publication.

How insert a file?

You must go to the publication and create a text if you have not already done so should go to insert and then a text box. The same should do in the place where you want to paste the text.

Now in the Insert menu, you click Insert File . Browse to the file you want to import and click it, and then press OK.

How do I copy and paste text on the table?

You just open the program Microsoft that has the text you want to use and select it. Then you click the right button to make the selected text and press where it says copy, then in Publisher click Insert Table and then select the number of rows and columns you want.

The next thing to do is to click in place of the table where you want the upper-left cell of the copied text to appear. To do searches the startup tab the arrow under Paste call Paste Special where you will get a list of options within this list click on “table cells unformatted” and finally OK.

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