Making An Invitation Card And Envelope In Microsoft Publisher

How to make an invitation card and envelope in Microsoft Publisher

Are you one of those who prefer to do things? Like the basics of design? If you are looking for a program that can design a card invitation with an easy to use , here we will introduce you step by step how to make an invitation card and envelope in Microsoft Publisher program included in the package Microsoft Office .

Create an invitation card with envelope in Microsoft Publisher

Create the source file data: There must place the guest list, indicating their names, surnames, address, province and locality, as these the fields’ll need later. you can do this in Microsoft Word or Excel , organized by special columns and headers.

Create a design for the card: You can do using a template or a new file . Set in this step the font, colors, text boxes, etc., in the format you will use and any other accessory you want.

 calling card publisher made

Performs merge for your invitation card

  • . Go to the main bar, click on the Select Data
  • Then click on Select a list exists, there looking and open the file you created data source
  • .

  • will open the Mail Merge Recipients there could order in two ways:
  • The first way is ascending or descending order by clicking the headers of the fields, either by full name, address, province or locality
  • .

  • The second way is in Restrict list of recipients click order , where another window will open
  • In the Sort Records can specify which you want to field order your file, then press OK
  • After making the above settings click OK
  • .

Insert Merge Field for your invitation card

Now, position yourself on the place of the card where you want the name of the guest, go to the Insert Merge Field tab appears, there is a list displayed with the name of the fields, click on the name . Click on the Preview results. and if you are not satisfied with the appearance of the card, make the necessary changes .

Finally click on the Finish & Merge , then click Merge to the print, so you can save your file and perform some adjustment in the future.

Make an envelope for your customized cards with Microsoft Publisher

Sets the envelope: Go to file , press new , in the window that pops click more blank page sizes ; If you want to set a particular size go to the section Custom ; then click on Create new page size in the dialog box that will display performs the appropriate configurations; in type design click About .

To choose a default size go to the Default click on the category Envelopes section, then Templates integrated click on the envelope size you need. For style colors and fonts click Customize , there set colors and font, or choose a standard style. Once the settings done click on Create .

Adds data sender and recipient with Microsoft Publisher

Go to the Draw Text Box tab to generate the box at the top left. Click on the Map , then select recipients , and the list you press a list will appear in Use existing , find the file and click Open this will link the main form file with the data file . Will show a picture with all fields, as if you click OK .

Then click on the Address block , in Insert Address Block sets the data and how you would like appeared in the envelope on preview, and as you press on OK option to terminate this process.

 publisher interface

Following this process will generate the picture. Go to the Format , then click on Text Box Tool and set the alignment. Drawing Tools Click on margin guides to align vertically. Here you can set the size of the box, font and others.

Do you see how easy it is to make an invitation card and envelope in Microsoft Publisher? Go ahead and create your customized cards with their respective envelope have at your fingertips everything you need for a great design . If I was helpful this article feel free to share.

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