How to make or create an electronic newsletter in Microsoft Office Publisher

 to create an electronic newsletter Publisher

The way to convey information to others has changed thanks to the technological age. To profit from the different tools that technology offers you have the possibility of to get, with complete immediacy, any kind of information to a person or group of persons . From a simple message to create an electronic newsletter with Microsoft Publisher.

Applications for your Smartphone specialized in instant messaging and other programs will help you develop your templates to make something much more elegant and eye-catching announcements.

Microsoft Publisher

Since its commissioning in 1991, Publisher has become a place among desktop publishing programs thanks to its features and tools, beyond being considered a basic program was formalized.

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 Microsoft Publisher

designs, catalogs, invitations, brochures, posters .   and many other things are possible to create thanks to all the features that gives you this program, which will make your design work are easy to perform

From anywhere

A being part of one of the packages office software most used worldwide , Publisher, to the same as the other programs of Microsoft Office, supports programs ofimáticas different able to convert a PUB file to PPT (PowerPoint) easily. Even among various types of operating systems.

So, structure your design projects will be possible from any computer regardless of the operating system you use. Similarly, these programs have a web version.

What do you do?

Once you have Publisher installed on your computer, you’ll see the number of projects you can start with your interface: business cards, diplomas, banners, signs, resumes, brochures, labels, advertisements and newsletters. Absolutely all to share with your friends and family .

Design a newsletter with Microsoft Publisher

The newsletters are an excellent alternative for bring important information to a large group of people , regardless of what type of information contains:. Health, computer, commercial, etc.

They have enough space to insert different types of elements, not only textual but also Graphics . Thanks to Publisher, you have the possibility of adding different elements to the newsletter to share by email or any other communication channel.

Make the most of your designs with Publisher

The process of structuring an electronic newsletter through Publisher is quite simple. However, it is not a secret that Publisher, as mentioned above, is a very basic program , the knowledge to use this software often limited.

 Design a newsletter with Microsoft Publisher

If you are not very familiar with this program, do not worry. This article will have all the information you need to structure an electronic newsletter using Microsoft Publisher tools.

Getting Started

Then you will visualize the step that will allow you to achieve the goal of designing an electronic newsletter thanks to this fabulous software. Do you dare to try?

  • Enter to Microsoft Publisher.
  • scroll between the different options that the program places for you to locate the option «Newsletter».
  • Immediately available templates will be displayed.

You decide the style of your template

Do not like some of the original design? Do not worry! The templates are fully customizable and you can edit its components in the window that appears on the right side of your screen.

  • Through the «Color scheme» section, you will have the opportunity to select precisely the colors that will be part of your newsletter design.
  • If you prefer other colors, you can also customize the color tones sliding down all the options and clicking «Create New» .
  • can also choose the font that best suits your needs and design you want to create.
  • Finally, through the «Company information» function, you can add data such as company logo or letterhead, address, phone numbers, among others.
  • Click on «Create» and proceeds to finish your design.

As an extra tip, you can add a touch even more personal to the create and insert a watermark in your file PUB .

What do you hope to start?

With these simple directions, you have everything ready to edit the different parts that make up the newsletter to adjust to the information you want to contribute and, once saved, you share the newsletter through the channel of your choice . Dare to create your own e-newsletter in Publisher!

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