How To Cancel Or Edit An Order Rappi? - Rappi Cancellation Of Orders

how to cancel or edit an order rappi rappi cancellation of orders
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Are you a novice user of Rappi and do not know how to use all of its features fully ?, Then do not worry, because with today's tutorial clarified several doubts regarding this App its inner workings. Because today will be answered How to cancel or edit an order Rappi?

How to Cancel or Edit a Request in Rappi - Rappi cancellation of orders

And, there is nothing worse than paying money for something that came bad, or failing to pay for something you did not want and commanded accident. This can make you waste money, which is a luxury that today not everyone can, so be it for this very reason and you do not happen to you, today learn to make a cancellation.

How to cancel or edit an order in Rappi?

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The first thing you have to learn today about how to cancel or edit an order in Rappi, is that there is no way to edit something once he was ordained. Since this goes against company policy , so if you've missed something you will have to place another order (if you ordered a product by accident there is nothing to do).

Now, with that said, yes you can cancel an order. To achieve this you have to go to the application (which should already have lowered PlayStore the store or Apple obviously), and once you are inside move to the section of the request to cancel .

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After you're at it, go to the bottom of the screen and hit the button is called " Cancel order ", with that you jump message if you want to confirm the order, hit" confirm".

After that you will leave another message where you will be told how many days will be refunded your money, and you will be taken to a chat where you have to place the reasons for your decision to cancel the order, go and again give to" confirm" to complete.

Remember that you must have a valid reason to eliminate your order because they are not worth things like " because I do not like the taste ", reimbursement is somewhat delicate because it is money and involves several companies.

Weather money back and reasons to cancel an order

As you know cancel or edit an order in Rappi, then it's time you learned what & nbsp; the reasons that can claim to get your money back , and how long it takes this to reach the bank.

The reasons are: the product arrived in poor condition or incomplete, brought something different to what was ordered, you never get your order at home, An incident occurred with Rappi (dealer) <./strong>

If you qualify or enter any of the areas described above, then you will be able to cancel the order and effectively reintegrated you money. That process should take at the least 15 working days (may be more or less).

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It all depends on what your bank, and how fast Rappi can solve the problem. is not usually spends 15 days since the support team is one of the best trained in the world to solve problems.

Note that depending on how you paid your order, the amount can be repaid in loans, so it is recommended to know they are and how RappiCreditos work.

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And with that there is no longer anything to say, because you turned the goal of this tutorial to learn how to cancel or edit an order in Rappi, so the next step to take is to go to your mobile and ask for what you want (at this level and should know how to use Rappi , so that is not explained) .

Remember to use this app responsibly, do not be canceling all single orders on a whim, because there are people who depend on them more than you (as deliverers), and it always tries to tip because