How To Remove Or Eliminate Root Any Android Phone Or Tablet Chinese-Very Easy

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Many people consider Rooting your phone or tablet, provides a master key with which they can get to almost anything with the device. However, doing this action, it is possible that other problems which leave unusable your device are generated.

Remove the root from the management application of the Root

On the web, there are many applications which can help you with managing the root of your phone. Among these steps, you can find eliminate the root. Here we can see reflected in applications such as SuperSU and KingRoot .

Instructions on how to do this will vary from application to application, however, it should not be a problem.

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Performs a “manual” uninstall

Problem app you installed the Root does not have its own method with which to uninstall the same, however, there is a way through which can do without having much trouble with it. You can start “desrootear” your devices with an application like Universal Unroot which you can download from the Play Store .

However, this application only works with devices Android 4.2 or earlier versions . This is a very simple process which can do yourself, with the help of some additional applications which can help you reverse the situation. A that may also be useful it is to eliminate the root.

If you’re on a device with Lollipop or above, you can safely delete the root so. The main method is to delete the files by yourself, this can be done with the help of a File Manager which likewise should give you multiple permission to have access to the root.

When you start with the removal of these files, the bottom line is you get certain files because these are the basic to achieve your objective. We leave a list of the various paths to delete files:

  • /system/bin/su
  • /system/xbin/her
  • /system/app/superuser.apk

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Try reinstalling the firmware

One of the most efficient ways, according to experts, is eliminating the root root. For this you only need to reinstall the software on your phone from the factory . This is a process a bit complicated, besides being a different task depending on the manufacturer, although you can find many commonalities.

To do this, go to need to download the official firmware and flash it into your device, so you’ll need to connect it to your PC with the proper cable. You may get some manufacturers have come to support special software with which you can take part process.

A problem that is quite likely, is the fact that it does not reach the device detected correctly by the fact of being rooted. If using the method of the official software does not work, you can use what we call “method unofficially”


The idea itself will remain the same, which is to download the firmware and then flash it to your phone. We can not say for sure how the method of operation of each, but we can give you some clues to understand some of them:

  • Nexus and Pixel: In these find images of the system which come to include a BAT to flash relatively easy
  • .

  • Samsung : With this you can do it the easiest way is through Odin
  • .

  • Motorola: You can use RSD Lite application achieved it make it easy and fast. LG: LG Flash Tool uses the application
  • .

If all these methods fail, the best you can do is go to a professional technician who will give your device the best care. However, you can go to various web portals , where you will find hundreds of root and unroot articles . With this you can understand a little more what happens to your phone.

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