Changing The Gender Or Race Of My Character Rust Is It Possible?


Rust is a survival game fashion and has been much talk, especially in relation to the physical characteristics of his characters. If you want to know if it is possible to change some aspects of your character in Rust, stay with us and read on Changing the gender or race of my character Rust Is it possible?

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Changing the gender or race of my character Rust is It Possible?

Is it possible to change the sex or race of my character in Rust?

If you want to customize your character in Rust, we regret to inform you that so far there is no legal way to do it, because is Rust who assigns the physical qualities of your character.

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However, the only way to achieve the desired physical characteristics your character, is creating accounts SteamID different to achieve the desired characteristics, which may mean creating a couple of accounts or create hundreds accounts to get the desired results, which obviously is not very comfortable or practical.

This limitation of the game can make you disheartened the point of wanting to kill yourself in Rust but remember that you have the option to search for other games like Rust where there is greater flexibility in customization.

Why Rust randomly assigned to the sex and race of the characters players?

Beginning this 2021 surprised us how quickly a video game has become fashionable and all thanks to the Egoland private server, which are a lot of famous streamers, so many began to look for what minimum requirements needed to start playing.

Although this game is well known not only among the streamers, but also by the general public, sometimes it has starred in several controversies that have inconvenienced and even angered some users.

 streamer auronplay play different characters rust

This time, the controversy is related to that, unlike other games in Rust can not choose neither sex nor race of your character according to your preferences, because in fact these features are subject to a mechanism chance where this depend on your SteamID .

This means that the new update included in Rust in which new characters were added both male and female does not include possibility that players choose for themselves same gender or race your character.

These strikethrough measures «impositions» unleashed a wave of criticism and negative comments expressed by netizens playing in Rust, which showed their clear dissatisfaction with this «imposition» made by Rust, however, the creator of Rust stopped to explain all this.

Explanation of the creator of Rust

Using an article published in the online portal for the British newspaper The Guardian, Garry Newman creator Rust, explained the reasons for the actions regarding the characters, mentioning that, rather than spend 6 months adding customization tools, they did what they did in order to concentrate more on the development of the game itself.

astronaut character holding flag rust

Also Newman said that the essence of Rust is not about characters, but is survive the many dangers arising out of the hand of your computer, allowing forge relationships with other players.

On the other hand, he also mentioned that the purpose of Rust was that the physical appearance of the characters were constant over time, so that, for example, a survivor attack on another and then change their race and gender convenience and make friends with the same player who attacked.

Also, the creator of Rust adamantly added that the decision was in favor of the gameplay also ensures that neither he nor his team believe that choosing the sex or race would improve the gaming experience .

He also assured that the allocation to the randomness of certain generates features a perfect balance of race and sex that makes players more recognizable, besides the fact that, according to Newman «the social aspects of the game are made more interesting. «

Whether you’re happy with the actions of Rust in terms of sex and race of the characters can not be denied that it is a very entertaining game which is easy to get hooked.

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